Thursday, June 30, 2005


It's not a case of "believing"

I've always loved stories of the supernatural, from beasties to ghosts to UFOs. They make the mundane interesting, they open up all sorts of possibilities and allow us to realise that we don't "know everything", that there is some stuff out there that eludes explanation.
Finding real ghost stories is not hard. The internet is full of ghost pictures, some old classics, others snapped via ghost cams on the internet. It's easy to dismiss these as hoaxes but Photoshop wasn't always around.
So why am I rabitting on about the paranormal?
Well, I'm a journalist. And because I follow these things I see the stories of ghosts, UFOs and strange beasts that are reported in local newspapers - some with pictures and even video footage. And yet these stories seem to not be dealt with by the mainstream media.
This is not some wild eyed hippie talking about his experiences alone at Stonehenge.
A case in point, the recent sightings (June 24 2005) in Xalapa Mexico, where in full view of the public, the press and government officials multiple UFOs appeared. This was reported in the local press, on the local news which showed video of the UFOs and the amazed officials. Yet not a word of this was put out on any mainstream press wire. Not Reuters, Associated Press, Agence France Presse - no one picked it up. You can read about it here... is one of my favourite links. It gives the news and then lets you know if it's incorrect or found out to be a hoax. That's journalism with chutzpah! And it makes a lot better reading than dreary reports of highway bypasses and yet another analysis on why Americans are getting killed in Iraq. But enough about Rense.
I have a problem with paranormal stories not being reported. It allows us to believe these sorts of things no longer happen. It is what amounts to a tacit deceit among the profession charged with telling the truth. When a glimpse of Janet Jackson's nipple can drive weeks of frenzied media activity and a fleet of Unidentified Flying Objects caught on camera, seen by multiple witnesses is deemed unworthy of a mention you have to wonder who is making the decisions.
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