Wednesday, January 30, 2008


Kosovo: Russia will retalliate

This week Washington heads to the United Nations Security Council's debate on Kosovo, with most of Europe alongside it, pressing for independence. What does a little state in Europe have to do with the US? Nothing as usual. But there they are.
Most of the EU is with them on this idea that there should be an Islamic state right in the middle. Because, of course, that is what the world needs - more Islamic states.
What has changed this time from the last Kosovo crisis is that Russia is far more powerful. Also, Serbia has an ally in China, and strangely, South Africa. What does South Africa have to do with this? Only they know.
Serbia has flipped the tables on the EU. For the first time, a European country outside the EU is not clamoring to be let in, but, on the contrary, making demands of its own, insisting Europe continue negotiations over Kosovo until an agreeable solution to all parties is met. They see their neighbours who bowed and scraped to be let in the EU that now have crumbling infrastructure and lower wages than the Serbs do and wonder what all the fuss is about. Basically Serbia doesn't need to export its unemployment to Europe.
They believe, quite rightly, that to use force to separate the 90% ethnic Muslim area from Serbia would destabalise the Balkans. They are not alone in thinking this way as they are supported by Spain, Cyprus, Romania, Hungary, Slovakia and Greece.
One can only assume that this hacking away at Serbian, and de facto Russian territory is the west's punishment and a further move to strangle Russia. It is only natural that Russia will protect its neighbours and people who are of the same ethnic origin. It has learned in its scraps with Chechnya and its war with Afghanistan, what can happen when you have these broken-down Muslim states along your borders.
Kosovo has ties to the global jihad movement and organised crime. It's a Taleban state waiting to happen. Why, in their wildest dreams, would the UKUS think Serbia and Russia would welcome this?
Not everyone in the US is gagging at the idea too. Former Navy admiral and Joint Chiefs of Staff adviser James Lyons recognises the danger of giving Muslim fundamentalists a launchpad for their attacks in a key strategic area. Its independence, he noted, will lead to a "train wreck" in relations with Russia.
Former U.S. secretary of State Lawrence Eagleburger has cautioned against carving Kosovo away from Serbia for the repercussions it would have on future global policy.
All of this has had the effect of driving Serbia into the arms of Russia, and that is just what Moscow wants. Moscow is talking to Belgrade about putting a Russian military base in Serbia. Belgrade wants to sell its oil to Gazprom.
The problem is that the UKUS have promised Kosovo independance. A promise many say should never have been made.
Russia's Kosovo negotiator, Alexander Botsan-Kharchenko, has clearly warned the EU and the US against forcing the issue. Let us not forget what happened to Europe when there was trouble in Serbia before.
"The result of unilateral recognition of independence could be a situation close to a humanitarian catastrophe," he said. This is not a threat, Serb refugees would flow into northern Kosovo and Serbia.
Russia is looking for a chance to flex it's military muscle. Missile tests and Naval drills are all well and good but that is like having a ferrari at your home and only driving it around the garden.
Putin has sent clear signals to the west that Russia is ready too stand again.
How far is the EU and US willing to push this?

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Tuesday, January 29, 2008


Glen Beck, Capitalist facsist

Glen Beck from CNN sez dat Stalin killed something like 160 million people. Maybe he sez, like da yankees like to do, "he kiled his OWN people". It doesn't matter me. What does matter me is dat he sez dis when he talks of Hillary Clinton's idea of pulling back American bizniz, like she's a commie facist. So his idea is that commies kilt loads of people. I tink da gangsta Tzar Valerie is not shooting his mouth about dis. My question to Mr Beck is how many people has America killed to stay capitalist?
And I aint no commie neither but his words are unfair. When I tink about China, I can see how many people were killed by da commies. But also I did my history and so I know dat many more people died before da commies come in, and loads are being killed now.

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Sunday, January 27, 2008


US pre war Anthrax attacks were inside job

So who's paying for it?

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Gone to the Diaspora

Dear Family and Friends,
Only once in the last seven days has there been electricity, water and telephone services at the same time and that was for less than two hours one afternoon. In the past week electricity has been off for 18 hours a day, every day, and water cuts last for days at a time. This is now the norm of life as everything is approaching, or has already reached, a state of complete collapse. All attempts at normal day to day functioning are virtually impossible.
This week I had a first hand encounter with the precarious state of Zimbabwe's health delivery system and it made me very aware of why we have the lowest life expectancy in the world. My body had been aching for two days and I was racked with fever: dripping with sweat one minute and shaking with uncontrollable cold the next. I knew I needed help and was fortunate to be able to see a doctor - this is a luxury most Zimbabweans rarely have. The first sign of abnormality came after the blood test when the doctor apologised for not providing a plaster - something so simple but
now unobtainable. It was an insignificant inconvenience. Far worse lay ahead. There are four pharmacies in the town and none had the common drug that had been prescribed to treat malaria. An alternative drug was proposed but none of the hemists had this one either. Malaria: so common, so deadly, no drugs for treatment - this was chilling.
My next stop was the hospital, by now I was weak and disorientated and had only got this far thanks to the help of a friend with a car - another rare luxury unavailable to most. Only four patients occupied beds: few can afford the hundreds of millions of dollars needed per night. The hospital also didn't have the prescribed malaria drug, or the alternative that I needed. Finally a course of injections was made available but only if I could pay cash upfront for the vials so the hospital could immediately try and replace them. How many others before me had been down this road and not been so lucky?
Over the next five days I visited the hospital every morning for another precious injection. For three days and nights the hospital had no running water at all. When the doctor did his rounds, nurses trickled water from a jug over his hands after he had examined each patient. A local farmer had helped and provided a bowser of water but this was being carried in, by the bucket load, to flush toilets, clean human waste, wash dishes and equipment and sponge down patients. The hospital, like the rest of the town, was only getting electricity in the middle of the night; water was being boiled outside on open wood fires. A generator was dealing with emergencies, the cost of running it phenomenal.

Every day I felt so privileged to be receiving treatment from nurses working under such appalling conditions. They have left home without a hot meal or cup of tea in the morning. They will return home to carry water from wells, cook outside on open fires and prepare for another day of much the same. And yet always they were polite, professional, helpful and gentle.
On my last day I asked the nurse when she would have time off - I seemed to have seen her there every day. She told me they were short staffed because so many nurses had gone. "Gone to the Diaspora," she said.
"To Canada, Australia, New Zealand, the UK, South Africa, Botswana - anywhere." I asked the nurse what made her stay and she said it was very hard to go. As hard as it to stay.

Until next time, thanks for reading,
love cathy.
Copyright cathy buckle 26 January 2008 My books:
"African Tears" and "Beyond Tears" are available in South Africa from: and in the UK from:
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Saturday, January 26, 2008


SA Government shoots itself in the foot

The gold price is soaring but South Africa's gold mines are in the red because of an uncertain electricity supply. The country's three biggest gold mines and the world's largest platinum mine had to suspend production because of power cuts. The disruption sent the metals to new highs on overseas markets, but left the mines in a shambles and investors fled.

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Thursday, January 24, 2008


Nato provokes Russia

Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov has raised the issue of Nato's expansion in Europe which is aimed at building up its military potential around Russian borders rather than strengthening European security, he said on Wednesday.
Russia has been concerned by Nato's eastward expansion and US plans to deploy missile defense elements in Poland and the Czech Republic.
Lavrov told reporters in Moscow, "We are certain that the geographical expansion of Nato cannot be justified by security concerns."
"But it is clear that Nato is building up its military potential around our borders and its new members continue to increase their defence budgets," he said.
Lavrov said Nato's "open-door" policy was inherited from the Cold War and would only antagonize relations with Russia.
"This policy cannot resolve any security problems," he said.
Nato has backed recent bids by Russia's former Soviet allies, Georgia and Ukraine, to join the alliance, a move that has angered Moscow.
The Foreign Ministry said on Tuesday that the country would have to take "appropriate measures" if Ukraine were to join Nato.

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Wednesday, January 23, 2008


Who will bounce the highest?

It has been on the horizon for a long time. The US cannot afford to tolerate the trade imbalance with China. The only way that seems plausible to stop that is to crash the markets and bring the yuan down. Beijing has refused to do Washington's bidding on this, and rightly so. It needs to keep its own market as stable as possible or slide into social chaos.
The Federal Reserve seems to be panicked with its declaration of the largest cut in two decades causing further panic on Wall Street, and Hong Kong, India, Germany, Brazil and Japan taking a hit. London seemed able to stop the slide after a wild day's trading that flipped between gains and losses, but ended in a gain.
Russia's RTS crashed through the 2,000 mark.
Asia has been badly hit in this crisis alongside the subprime disaster.
It seems Bush's idea of a money toss failed and the Fed's cut caused more panic at first, though things may slow a little today.
Out of all of this financial storm the best result will be seen in the emerging markets which are somewhat immune to Washington's trantrums. Europe and the US, however, will not see too much of a recovery as the market is awash with money, but investors will not be too quick to invest in the slower recovery of economic giants. Rather, those with any sense will see the greater gains to be had in markets in Eastern Europe, South America, Chin, Vietnam, India and Africa. So at the end of the day, the US will lose again.
The fed cut seems to show a sign that the authorities are in panic and whether or not this is true does not matter. The result will matter. Those short-term high risk traders will stampede. The question remains as to who will suffer the greatest losses.
My money is on the US.
This is because other markets are financially sound. They have the depth in industry and growth to support them. America does not. When they put their hands into the basket it will be empty, while other countries, like Ireland and the UAE will still come up with a fist full of opportunities for growth.
It will be interesting to note where the big US players have hidden their funds to wait out the crisis. The soaring gold price would be some indicator.
Bush has taken a terrible gamble. He cannot be sure that the big boys will bring their money back into the US at the end of the day. After all, when the US can offer minimal growth, GEMs can offer double, tripple or up to 10 times that amount. Why would any investor want to ride that tired old horse.
This idea gives Russia a lot of confidence, as it will to China and India. They know the money is waiting, it has been sucked out of the US and once the fear eases it will flood into new markets.
This makes the investor in the line to score and score big.
Industrial giants like Gazprom have taken a hit and are now undervalued. The energy giant has shed around 7% in this crisis. But when it rebounds you can be sure that it will pick up much more than that as investors go after the bouncers.

Sunday, January 20, 2008


Bush's ponzi scheme

It's clear that US President George W Bush no longer cares about the US, if he ever did. His decision to put cash into the economy must have his ecnomists cringing.
How can anyone in their right mind believe that the goverment, who is in debt so badly that it would need each household in the entire country to pay $400,000 right now, would fling money back into the black hole?
For some reason he believes this will stimulate the economy, though just how is unclear. People are meant to spend that money on goods which will then provide jobs. Well, that's the song he's singing. And yes it will provide jobs - in China, India or Qatar. It will do nothing for the average Americans. It might put a few extra bucks into the hands of importers. But once the US$500 is spent what will happen?
How much money can the crippled government toss at the people? How much longer can it fool the people before they wake up to the fact that they have spent their children's future, and in fact their own future.
Bush's last budget was so false it should have been called a "fudgit".
According to the General Accounting Office of the United States, the US government needs US$53 TRILLION to fulfill its obligations. Every business in the captialist worlds has to include future liabilities on its balance. But the US government does not do that.
And the gulliable, stupid US people do not realise it.
On the other side of the world the opposite is happening in China. Chinese don't spend their money, they save it or invest it, and that is worrying Beijing as their economy overheats. Call it the remnants of Communism, but unless the Chinese cut loose and put down the cash they'll be facing higher food prices and rents.
It is also astonishing that sitting with such a large deficit, the goverment does not improve its social services. Although a lot of money is being spent on infrastructure it is lacking in quality and the high accident rate in the coal mines also needs to be addressed.
Meanwhile the fastest growing economy in the world today seems to be Qatar. It seems the balance of power has shifted out of the hands of the west.

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Saturday, January 19, 2008


Game Over for US

So da bubble's finally burst for the US. You can tell how bad things are when you walk into like Armani and da only peoples buying is like da gangsta - euro trash, or my homies. It looks like da Americans have finally learned that ya can't be living on credit for all yours life and dat it's a freaking stupid thing to mortgage ya house to pay for the plastic man. It seems dat's what's been happening. Talk about a country sucking up da happy gas.
Now dat China officialy owns America here are a few tings dat should happen.
First off, put your children in school and make em freaking learn ta read and write. A bit of geography, some history and some dress sense would be good too.
Second, ban American idol and execute Simon Scowl, Poora Abdullah and Randy Jackoff in Tienaman scare.
Third, expense accounts have all been cancelled and yous are now gonna work like da brothers to get anywhere.
Fourth, learn to use chopsticks, it's two pieces of wood, how freaking hard can it be?
Fifth, Da screechy Star Spangled Banner is gone. Yous all better learn Arise! All who refuse to be slaves! in Chinese, dudes.
Altogether now Qilái! Búyuàn zuò núlì de rénmen ...

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Friday, January 18, 2008


Is this thing on?


tap tap tap

can anyone hear me?

Thursday, January 17, 2008


The British Council and Litvinenko

Okay I will tell you what I know and what I think about the whole British Council row.
Firstly, it is possible that this is linked to the Litvinenko death but it is much more than just that. The British seem to be confused by the idea that Russia will not hand over Lugovoi for trial. There is no confusion. Russia's constitution does not allow it to do this. Therefore, Russia cannot hand over anyone for trial in Britain. The second point to this, that I have written before, is why should Russia hand over Lugovoi when Britain does not hand over Boris Berezofsky, wanted for corruption, and Akmad Zakayef, wanted on charges of terrorism. Do they think because they are Britain that they can do one thing and expect Russia to do another?
On to the British Council itself. It has long had problems in Russia, and obviously now the Kremlin is no longer prepared to turn blind eyes. The BC offers English classes to the public which are far more expensive than those of other schools. And yet it is classified as a charity. Being classified as a charity means it pays no income tax. This is hardly fair on all the other English schools that abide by the tax laws. If it does not want to pay the tax then it must fall under the cover of diplomatic missions - for Britain, consulates general. If the BC chooses diplomatic cover then it had no right to operate in St Petersburg of Yekaterinburg.
When Downing Street says that the council is operating legally under international law it is fantasizing. There is a hole in the agreements between the government and council which still has to be closed. This has not happened because of the Litvinenko row. So that is why the foreign affairs ministry of Russia has pointed to Litvinenko as the cause, not because it is any "tit for tat" response.
There is an opinion that the British Council activity “does not fully comply with the Russian government resolution “On the Establishment and Terms of Operation of Foreign Cultural and Information Centers on the Territory of the Russian Federation”,” Chairman of the Federation Council International Affairs Committee Mikhail Margelov said.
For instance, the resolution compels the centres to receive permission from Russian authorities before opening. The Vienna Consular Convention says that all entities enjoying privileges and immunities must respect laws and rules of the host state, he said.
Chairman of the State Duma International Affairs Committee Konstantin Kosachyov said: “The United Kingdom is the only member state of the European Union and, probably, the only foreign partner of Russia, which is trying to thrust its own lifestyle on us and establish the rules, which may be convenient for the UK but have not been discussed and are hardly equally convenient for us,” he said.

Other EU member countries that have their cultural offices in Russia, including Germany, France, Italy and Spain, “are acting in a totally different way. They fully comply with Russian laws and intergovernmental agreements,” Kosachyov said.

“We will insist that the UK must bring the British Council activity in correspondence with international laws, EU traditions and, what is the most important, Russian laws,” he said.
Furthermore it is an open secret that the BC is used as a front for MI6. Not only that but there have been reports of Russian students using the council's tuition being recruited for the British Intelligence services. This is again, not something new and only to be expected under such circumstance.
However, the UK's blatant meddling in the last Russian election in its bid to unseat Putin did not go down well with citizens. It's fanatical acceptance and promotion of "the other Russia" calling it a "democratic opposition movement" was duly noted. The fact that pre-election the British Ambassador Anthony S. Brenton spoke at one of this party's meetings was also duly noted, as was his call to crack down on freedom of expression when young Russians held an anti-facist rally outside his home. The ambassador is supposed to be a diplomat not a political campaigner. How many people in the UK would welcome Russian interference in their elections?
The British media failed to note that about 95% of the members of "the other Russia" are ultranationalists and cranks from the National Bolshevik Party. Its portrayal of Garry Kasparov as "the voice of the citizens" was a joke. The man could not even scrape together enough support to make a run for the presidency.
The constant rumblings against Putin taking a third term are again, complete double standards. When Kazakhstan’s Nursultan Nazarbayev did that, and held deeply flawed elections in May which saw only a single party represented, the American Embassy described it as “a good move for democracy”.
The constant whining about Russian elections being "rigged" is nothing more than lies. Putin enjoys a huge popularity among Russian people and the results of the elections went just the way they said it would. They voted as expected.
It is interesting to note the UK's double standards when it comes to Russia. It will whine about "human rights abuses" in Russia but has no voice when it comes to the suffering of ethnic Russians in Estonia and Latvia.
Britain stands isolated from the rest of the world in this row, as it did in the Litvinenko row. Its childish petulance has distanced it from Europe and is a testimony to its own diplomatic failure to deal with the confident and stronger Russia. When Russia was struggling under the Yeltsin puppet government the UKUS kicked it like a cur and that will not be forgotten so easily by Russia's people or government. The UK bends at the knee to Syria and Iran and even to its own Islamic extremists at home. It harbours Russian criminals.
The reality is that Britian is now paying for its ridiculously hostile policies to Russia and its dog-like devotion to the United States. If Britain was more co-operative with Europe and Russia this kind of thing would not be happening.
Russia has been provoked and humiliated at every turn with Britain. The UK continues to poke the bear, and if you poke the bear you will get the claws. How can the UK be so arrogant as to say that it will continue operating these councils in the face of their illegality?

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Saturday, January 12, 2008


Western press hysterical as US sinks

Russia has been taking a beating in the western press yet again with half-baked innuendos and wild speculation that has very little basis in fact. The reason for this is becoming crystal clear as America sinks into a quagmire of debt and consumer confidence in the great mouse house reaches an all-time low.
Unemployment, home foreclosures and soaring fuel costs converged to stifle consumer spending in the States in the fourth quarter. The merchants are worried and their bankers are worried. It seems that despite their best efforts, Americans are learning to save, or perhaps they are being forced to.
Across the Pacific, Russia is booming and so the US lackey media unleash their dogs on Moscow. Gazprom looks at Nigeria for gas, the west trembles, they told us last week. Quite why the west should tremble was not clear as Russia has been a reliable supplier of European gas that was hijacked by the US-backed Ukraine for its own political ends. The fact that Kiev was actually pirating the gas sent to Europe seems to have escaped most western journalists. Oh me, oh my, now Gazprom looks to capitalise on its strengths and instead of any of the blacksuits suggesting it might be because it's one of the most successful companies in the world under its present leadership, it is slated.
Now Gazprom ОАО Газпром, the biggest extractor of natural gas in the world, looks to Ireland for fresh markets, standing poised to gain 15 percent of the booming little country's commercial sector. The US can't have that and once again raise the spectre of cut gas supplies and speculation of dominance through gas control.
Last June, GM&T received a licence from the Irish government to operate in its gas market, most of which is controlled by state gas supplier Bord Gais, with which it would have to compete for market prices.
Gazprom has been an interesting company to watch as it emerged as a global player.
With the acquisition of Sibneft, Gazprom secured oil fields with 133 billion barrels in reserve, which means it only ranks behind (the whole of) Saudi Arabia and also the whole of Iran in oil production.
With a market capitalisation expected to have reached US$1 trillion in 2007, Gazprom is in fact the world's largest corporation.
During the Yeltsin years the bandits like Berezhofsky tried to capitalise on their control of the company that was since plagued by other scandals. It was President Vladimir Putin who cracked down on management and forced it to get its house in order.
It did and now the company owns media and banking along with a whole host of other subsidiaries. The only thing holding it back is its decision not to directly sell shares to foreigners, although we have been promised that this will happen soon.
While Ireland, with a population of 4 million, is small potatoes for Gazprom, it is an extension of the company's expansion plans in Britain.
Gazprom has previously said it wants to take its share of the British market to 10 per cent, or 10 billion cubic metres (bcm) per year, up from the current 4 bcm.
Western analysts are saying Ireland's location at the far end of the European gas supply network from Russia makes it most vulnerable should Gazprom halt supplies. Russian analysts are saying... Russia wants to halt gas supplies as much as Saudi Arabia want to stop selling oil.

Tuesday, January 08, 2008


Chinese tour Africa

China's Foreign Minister Yang Jiechi was in South Africa yesterday on the first stop of a four-nation tour through Africa. He encouraged the nations of the resource-rich continent to strengthen their ties with Beijing to boost their development and claim a stake in the global economy.
Mr Yang said African countries dealing with China would benefit in trade and investment.
“If you view development against the backdrop of globalisation, I think there is all the more reason for China and African countries to work better to support each other,” Mr Yang told a press conference in Pretoria.
Yang's tour of Africa is the latest in a number by high ranking officials searching for resources, particularly fuel for their energy-hungry economy. Russia's state-owned energy giant Gazprom has just inked a deal with Nigeria for gas. The growing presence of communist and former communist powers in Africa has rattled the west
Mr Yang met President Thabo Mbeki where the pair made promises to maintain ties and conduct high level talks.
The issue of Sudan was also mentioned and Mr Yang said aftewards that South Africa and China agreed on their approach to the problem.
Mr Yang will also visit the Democratic Republic of Congo, Burundi and Ethiopia.
China, the world’s fourth-largest economy is the second-largest energy user/ Beijing has handed out billions of US dollars in oil-backed loans and other credit to several African nations, with few strings attached, unlike financing from Western banks and international agencies.

Monday, January 07, 2008


Malawi pays HIV positive civil servants extra

Malawi, with a population of around 13 million people is one of the African countries hardest hit by HIV/Aids. Now Health Minister Marjorie Ngaunje has announced that in a bid to improve the nutrition of civil servants, they will earn an extra 5,000 Malawi Kwacha a month.
She urged those civil servants who are HIV positive to register for the scheme. This would mean an extra US$35 for the civil servants, who usually earn around US$200 a month, Reuters reports.
One has to wonder at the motive behind this move. Is it to identify HIV sufferers by enticing them to give up their anonymity?
Malawi is a buckling under the weight of the pandemic which is killing 10 people an hour, according to official estimates. Surely this money that would go to thousands of civil servants would be better spent in retro viral medicines for those who needed it? Probably not. It is not likely that Malawians are getting the medicines they need, and a boost to nutrition would be one of the ways of promoting health.

Saturday, January 05, 2008


Communism vs The World II

In Communism's ideal the government governs the people and protects them from the greed of the businessmen. In Capitalism's ideal, businessmen and greed rule and the left-over crumbs may fall down to the poverty-stricken below. Communism believes that basically man needs to be protected from this avarice and Capitalism forces it upon him. Communism says "man can be better" and Capitalism says "man's a greedy bugger anyway so let's play to that".
Many western societies today enjoy the benefits of this Communist ideal and indeed so does Hong Kong. No, it's not the form of Maoist doctrine that was used on the mainland China but a very watered-down version of social responsibility in certain areas of its governance, as provided by the British.
Hong Kong is the land of millionaires. Yet it provides for those who cannot provide for themselves with a comprehensive social insurance scheme, free education up to a certain level, and heavily subsidised housing.
Where it does not protect people is in the market place, and this needs to be urgently addressed. There needs to be an enforced minimum wage to stop the exploitation of workers.
Unions need to be organised and recognised and rules set for the process of collective bargaining. This is not happening because of the government's reluctance to interfere in business.
This means that people are working 10 to 12 hours, seven days a week for a pittance while the captains of industry buy private planes for themselves and their friends.
This reluctance to interfere in business is taking its toll on Hongkonger's health too, in that while pollutant spewing factories have been hounded out of the territory there is nothing to stop them springing up across the border and poisoning our air. And I really mean poisoning our air. People with young children are leaving Hong Kong for cleaner air.
This is hurting the territory as there is a huge talent gap in the service industry sector. But I expect it won't be long until that gap is filled by enterprising locals. One thing I really admire about Chinese is their ability to look and learn. There is no doubt that this century will be China's.
What struck me about the differences between the communist system and that of capitalism was my recent trip to India. Tsarval always says to me that when I look at systems I need to see where they started, and where they are now. So India started out colonised and inherited a capitalistic system. Driving through the streets of New Delhi is an amazing experience but at the same time it is horrifying. The streets are filled with stray animals and beggars. This is the detritus of human society. Children are sold into slavery, girls into sexual slavery and marriage where they are passed around from husband to male in laws because of the shortage of men.
There is an interesting parallel here between China's one child policy and India's attempts to curb its rampant population growth. But that deserves a posting all on its own.
It is abundantly clear that the imperialist society of Britain left little in the way of social infrastructure for the Indians, more or less like in South Africa, only with much worse effect. This in turn means no education and the continuation of practices such as the primitive caste system. Under a communist government this caste system would have been destroyed. The inequality between men and women would have been wiped out to a large degree. How much potential and how many lives have been wasted because of the simple greed and arrogance of a capitalist ideal?

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Friday, January 04, 2008


Communism vs the World

There are two kinds of Communism, there is the ideal and then there is the reality. And sadly the two are not the same thing. There is Xtreme Communism and Communism lite, which we call socialism. It is often that people who denigrate Communism only seem to look at the X-Communism and hold up its faults as a reason to fight against the whole system and eradicate it from the earth. But they conveniently forget the follies of capitalism and royalism and turn a blind eye to the misery those two systems have wrought. They also fail to look at communist countries in context of the unbridled interference of capitalist countries, as I pointed out in the Cuban story.
The ideal of communism is equality of all men. Underpinning this is the idea of "to each according to his needs, from each according to his abilities".
This is a noble and worthy ideal which scares many capitalists for the simple reason that they are greedy. They don't like the idea of a janitor earning as much as a doctor. Why? Simply because they want material things, better cars, bigger televisions, they are greedy. They will argue that if the doctor has no better pay than the janitor, no one would aspire to being a doctor. This is simply not true. (I haven't seen any video games out there that allows you to "be the janitor" and for good reason.) And, in fact, I would argue is exactly the opposite of the reality. Few people, when choosing a career, decide on that career based on what they are going to earn. They choose a path that follows their interests.
But for a vast majority of people, not all the paths are open - in the capitalist world where education is for the rich. How can a peasant farmer become an astronaut in a capitalist society? Simple answer is he can't, not unless he's some outrageous genius who gets lucky and gets noticed. So those people who really want to become doctors, who have the dedication and interest and drive to become doctors, will do so in a communist society because they have access to the education. These are the people who will put their patient before their bank balance, and that is the kind of doctor I would prefer to go to. And it is the same for any career. In a communist society people have far more choice becase access to each career path is more accessible. They also have far more choice because they know that whatever career path they choose they will still be able to have wife and children and raise a family, along with getting a reasonable standard of living, healthcare and education.

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Wednesday, January 02, 2008


Russian/Indian missile venture buys new plant

BrahMos, the Russian Indian joint venture as bought a manufacturing plant in Kerala to double production of its supersonic cruise missiles. The new acquisition will bring its production to 50 a year.
The BrahMos (PJ-10) missile is made by BrahMos Aerospace which was established in 1998 and supplies land and sea missiles to the Indian Army and Navy. It is a derivative of the Russian Yakhont and is made in conjunction with NPO Mashinostroyenia
The Brahmos missile itself has a range of 300km and can carry a conventional warhead with a topweight of 660lbs. It can cruise at ultra-low altitude and at a speed of Mach 2.8 is three times faster than the US Tomahawk. This is what distinguishes it from other cruise missiles. It is unmatched in speed which imparts a greater strike-power. It is highly accurate and has an onboard computer guidance system. It also has stealth capabilities.
While at the moment it only carries conventional warheads it can carry nuclear warheads and will be an intergral part of India's nuclear weapons' delivery system.

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