Friday, May 25, 2007


Litvinenko: Russian should never hand over Lugovoy

So now the Brits think Lugovoy might have killed the traitor Alexander Litvinenko who died so publicly and gallantly to the treasure of his criminal uncle Boris in what has to be the best stage-managed death of the year. Not even the queen mum died with such design.
So it would seem that Putin is made out to be the bad guy when he refuses to let Lugovoy be extradited to face trial in the UK.
But there is no extradition agreement between Russia and the UK. That is the one thing that keeps uncle Boris sleeping soundly every night.
Now watch the western media turn it on Putin, making him out to be the villain here. Yet for years they have harboured Russia's criminals. Boris is but one.

Tuesday, May 01, 2007


All in the Family - or what makes nations degenerate?

It has been a question that has been puzzling me for years, and I'm sure it has been puzzling many other people too. What makes a nation degenerate?
Firstly we would have to define degeneration. Those of you who are 300 fans would surely think that today's dorks and nerds are a complete national degeneration. On the other hand if you are a dork or nerd you would look at Sparta and see a nation of psychopaths. That was all well and good when those psychopathic energies were needed to defend the nation against invaders. But how does that translate into our modern world.
What we expect from people - to be treated with civility and no violence - is almost universal. But it is often not what we get. A case in point would be South Africa where the crime and violence is now a savage epidemic of blood letting.
And there is a parallel between 300 and South Africa. Sure in 300 the violence and child abuse is couched in terms to make them acceptable to the viewer, while if it's happening to you or your loved ones in modern times it presents a much harsher picture. The Spartans were organised as an army and their cause was noble. The criminals in South Africa are organised in smaller gangs, don't wear great uniforms and their cause seems to be revenge. And the revenge is not proportional to the crime that has been committed against them in the past. Let's not make any mistakes about that. The scale and savagery of what is going on now is in no way a reflection of the apartheid era. I am not stupid enough to tell you there was no white on black violence. What I am saying is never on this scale, never with this brutality.
So what then, is the parallel between Sparta and South Africa. Well if you watch the movie carefully you'll see the separation of family. The boys being taken from their parents into an organised military camp where they had to pit their bodies and wits against each other for survival.
Now in South Africa, the apartheid regime did committ and awful mistake/crime that is returning to punish the whites in waves of atrition. It broke up the families of the natives. It made it impossible for family units to stay together, outlawing the ownership of land in the cities, where the jobs were, not allowing blacks to take on skilled labour and thereby assuring a cheap labour source for the mines, also meant, because of the land acts, that this labour source was migrant, removing the fathers from their children and husbands from their wives. Women who could would go into the cities to become live in maids for the whites, thereby leaving the children in the care of older siblings or grandparents. Not being able to have their men with them left them open to abuse and temptation. Just as the men on the mines were open to transient sex from both men and women.
The family unit was well and truly smashed.
Now we all know, thesedays, the effect of a dysfunctional family on a child.
The point is well proven in Freakonomics, where the authors point out that the availability of abortion to single mothers was the single most important factor in decreasing the crime rate in America. Unwanted childrene were no longer being born and were no longer growing up into unwanted adults.
Any child left behind by its parents feels a profound sense of loss. There is no disputing that. So for generations the young native children of South Africa were forced into dysfunctional family situations, no mother figure and no father figure.
What chance did they have?
Added to that the lack of abortion facilities and you will find that there were a number of bastard children born to mothers who were ill equipped to look after them and in many cases treated them very badly. These unwanted mouths to feed would eventually find themselves shunted back to the ancestral family who didn't want them either.
Hence the apartheid regime spawned generations of psychopaths.
Add further into the mix the brutality of the struggle and the violence and crime witnessed by children - no matter who was perpetrating it - and it is no wonder that South Africa faces the problems it does today.
Luckily abortion is now available on a large scale, couples can live together and build a future together. All this means, however, is that in 20 - 30 years we should see a change. For the South Africans who are living with the fear of robbery, rape, torture, hijacking, kidnapping and murder, that does not solve the problem.

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