Wednesday, August 24, 2005


Hooray for Howard and Costello

Aussie PM John Howard and his treasurer Peter Costello have finally found the balls to speak up for the western world. No he didn't threaten to bomb defenceless countries. He just politely but firmly told the whinging imams that if they wished to live under Sharia law, then Australia wasn't for them.
Costello was more direct, telling them basically to "clear off"
Hooray! At last!
Finally someone has the sense to deal with foreign malcontents with the way they would be dealt with in their own countries. "If you don't like it...go home!"
Yes, go live under Sharia. No one is stopping you. But don't come to our countries, live off our systems and think you can change our laws.
Since when did the west become the domain of these people? I have no problem with them practicing their way of life in their own countries at all. But when it comes to MY home, then live by MY rules or leave. If a westerner was convicted of a crime in an Arab country, would they not face the same law as the citizens of that country? Why then do they expect to live elsewhere and get "special treatment".
And what makes matters worse is that the governments of "enlightened" countries seem to think that they have an obligation to kowtow to these folks' aberrations. Somewhere our leaders went wrong. They did nothing to protect our way of life, our beliefs and aspirations from mediocrity, and where there was mediocrity there was a gap that allowed predators in to, in some instances chip away at our European identity, or in other cases simply devour it. And for a good 40 years we've simply allowed it to happen.
Well, in Australia at least, someone has finally put their foot down.
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