Friday, February 24, 2006


For the love of God, define democracy!

Aren't you just sick of the American's fanatical demands for democracy? Their unrelenting quest to turn the whole world into one large, Big Mac Munching DEMOCRACY!!!
What is democracy, though?
And I really think we need to find out before the death toll reaches two million.
If my schooling serves me correctly, democracy is a Greek word coming from two words - demos - meaning people and cratos meaning rule.
The Americans like to add stuff into that. Things like... "Freedom to choose your own leaders" and political freedoms, and freedoms of speech and freedom of ...well, freedom. FREEEEEEEEEE DOM.
Personally I feel most people don't need democracy. It's a messy business at the best of times. Majority of folks don't understand the issues and shouldn't be let out with a ballot paper. You only have to look at the countries where women get the vote to see this in action. Do they vote for women? No. They continue to vote for men, who continue to screw things up - royally, by spending squillions of dollars on big war machines and taking food from the tables of the citizens to do so. Not much has changed since Robin Hood was a robbing in the hood.
But seriously, what is this democracy the US and its allies insists the rest of the world should have at any cost? We all know by now - thanks to the journalistic talents of people like Greg Palast - that democracy in the United States just doesn't exist any more. Yet, Anaconda Rice is still jackbooting herself around the globe, strong arming nations into joining the schoolyard bullies to DO AS US SAYS, NOT AS US DOES.
Isn't it just criminal, though that when the people do exercise their right to vote, and the US doesn't like the results, the regime swoops in to effect a change more favourable to Washington?
Yes for...whoever you like...just make sure it's whoever WE like.
This is not something new. This reaction to Hammas' victory is exactly what the US has been doing for decades.
I don't mind that they withhold their own funds - they have every right to do that - but if they hold that as the axe over the people's heads - like they did in post second world war Italy and Japan and... and.. - that is not freedom. That's coercion.
And if they then go around to OTHER countries and "persuade" them to do the same... that's further removed from "by the people for the people".
And this little debacle in Palestine has yet a further twist to it. Israel - that armed to the teeth 51st state of America - is now stealing the Palestinians' own money!
And the United States hasn't said a word about that! Oh no! Democracy didn't go the way we like it, so we'll just fine tune it some!
That's just wrong. And American taxpayers who are handing over their hard earned dollars to this crazy government, should think about that. They're arming a right wing nation that is stealing from its people. Oh yeah, but that's what their own government is doing anyway.
This is very powerful.I like it. Have you been involved in speech writing?
I found it while surfing...

"There can hardly be stranger wares in the world than books: printed by people who do not understand them; sold by people who do not understand them; bound, reviewed and read by people who do not understand them; and now even written by people who do not understand them."

Georg Christoph Lichtenberg, Lichtenberg (1742--1799)
Yes, I have been involved in writing speeches, and giving them.
What Inkonkoni means in your world.
It has word "Ink" in it.
Ink_an_koni? Looks like made up word.
Writing political speeches, here in Canada you would probably get a job within minutes of your arrival...
Inkonkoni is a mythical African beast, kind of like a unicorn. But most people think it's just a blue gnu
I have been offered a few jobs in Canada, among other places. I like Hong Kong.
Our tribes (SLAVIC) originated in Asia.
What is your background white Dutch or English.
I am assuming that if you were black you would have remained back in AS.
I have photographed recently a couple
from Zimbabwe, sounded like Africans.
If you go back far enough, everyone in the whole world originated in Africa. Even Oprah *wink*. But my ancestory is white, scottish, tained with a bit of Dutch.
I agree we must have been engineered from black race. Simplified example can be seen in Michael Jackson.
What I meant is that our "Caucasoids" physical characteristics are relatively close to oriental race, mongols, with middle eastern semitic cocktail.
Ottoman Empire "managed" our part of the world for over 800 years.
I worked for local Metis. Canadian Metis are basically breed, developed on purpose from French males and Indian females.Their symbolism is mostly derived from Roma Gypsy.
You should set up real web site. With your opinionated writing skills and background you would probably get larger registration is gone. You can still get .org. Ipowerweb your blogg is located has really good deals. I will help you with set up and graphics if you like.
thanks for the offer, I'm just testing the waters here and doing some writing for print media. I might hold you to it once I'm more established.
I want to get training in oriental language since I do not speak French. I only speak Czech,Slovak which is basically same a bit of English and
Russian. Since we all moving Eastward celebrating Easter not Wester. Maybe Mandarin or Cantonese? What do you think?
Mandarin (known as Putonghua) is better than Cantonese because it's more widely used. Cantonese is mostly restricted to a province in China and Hong Kong - which used to be part of that province.
You can't go wrong if you learn Chinese. I keep on telling my nephews to do that, not that they listen to me.
Chinese were Islamic under Ginges Khan and (or mongolian then) plundered Europe big time on the horse back.
Genghis Kahn was not religious himself, although the Mongolian people were shamanic. Kahn introduced religious freedom into the territories he conquered.
It is certainly a bizarre beast.
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