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South Dakota Wades in

Yet another freedom was lost in America this week. The right of women in South Dakota to own their own bodies. The State repossessed women's bodies when it outlawed their right to choose abortion. The law does not even permit abortion in the event of rape or incest.
Frankly, those women deserve that. They voted these people into power and so they must accept the consequences of that.
But this decision has far reaching consequences all over the world.
When Bush came to power he and his friends decided that the United States would withhold money from various charities and UN sponsored programmes which offered abortions in some of the poorest countries in the world.
Note the word "offered" because very often religious fundamentalists confuse the word with "forced".
That was a crippling blow to women in those countries. Yes, absitnence and "just say no" might work well in South Dakota, but it doesn't work in the Congo. It fails miserably in Dafur, and doesn't stop rapists anywhere in the world.
For women in impoverished countries, withholding abortion is akin to a death sentence. Giving birth is a risky business where there is no amblulance standing by to whisk you off to hospital if things go wrong, no painkillers to dull the pain and no blood transfusion service should you need one.
But there is more to it than that.
These same charities provide many other health services to women. Some even as simple as a clean place to give birth, a light to see by, or a small bottle of antiseptic. Perhaps it pays for the woman to be stitched up after birth so that she doesn't suffer from obstetric fistula (look it up if you want to know). Perhaps they offer contraceptive injections or condoms.
Without the funding they cannot provide this.
By withdrawing this funding the United States condemned more women to needless death. This is not a question of "abstinence" it's a question of life or death.
So this week's back-step from freedom can be expected to have further far reaching consequences - and once again the little folk will suffer.
Waging war against women, create more stress leading to [W.W.W] aka World Without Women.
The war against women has been going on for more than two centuries. Billions have been killed in the name of God. Billions have been allowed to die. It's time women woke up to this and did something to change it.
How SA is outsourcing best people and jobs to Asia?

from the book

Infiltrate the enemy country with advance forces and spies.

Pre-position supplies close to the anticipated battleground.

Destroy the enemy's will to resist.

Destroy the enemy population's morals and morale.

Sow confusion among the enemy population

Cut lines of direct communication

Create circuses and other diversions

Control all information and media outlets

Attack on many fronts

Destroy the enemy's will to wage war until victorious

Reduce or destroy enemy's military bases

Strike only when ready and when enemy is at his weakest.

Follow the money links, who benefits: Asians
I agree with you that the greatest growth and world power is going to come from Asia.
I am not sure that it is orchestrated. I think that is just the nature of life. Empires rise and fall. I don't see malice here. Very basically the US is in decline. Europe is "old". And there is this idea that forcing Africa to pay off its debt is going to do anyone any good. It's not. Because the asians will pay it off for them.
The asians will build the infrastructure, the schools, hospitals and highways. They have the technical knowhow and the will to suffer the harships that come with conquering a different land an culture.
Operative word is you are not sure. Sorry for grammatical mistakes.
I am not religious nor spiritual (smells like addictions). I thing it is the business plan developed long long time a go. Most of the people don't get to remember things past their great grandparents. I think it is about races manufacturing and remanufacturing, testing in this hostile stress laboratory called Earth. Our god or frankenstein creator created races out of combination of pig and ape plus
added a bit of high tech. If you were living on this Plan-ET thousands of years after a while you would want to make perfect slave (ants) for yourself based on your observation and need.

This is oversimplified hard to understand but evidence is all over the place. We are nothing but animals. Key to our control is language and training. After these elements are embedded
into our system we are finished defenseless. Your own voice box is your enemy.
Rest goes to indoctrination from day of birth or it goes far from that knowing right cocktail sperm bank to develop (our leaders by so called adoptions and careful monitoring) right predator for job task, make the wars to move them around, develop real estate. Natural
leaders (defective product) possible competitors usually get killed or lose in the process by not being exposed to wisdom. Observe, monitor the herd take advantageof them and harvest. Our genetic engineering group is predominantly using women to get
their task done since women have reproductive tool (fat-her). They are the best to identify the weaknesses of race. Rape, stress, mutilate, give them cancer, abuse them as much as
they can take is the job priority number one. I suspect it is going father then ice ages and beyond anyone's imagination and comprehension.
I think the job has been now completed and women are in the process being totally out of the picture. System has developed new kind one gender able to reproduce- hermaphrodite.
It has been promoted all over the place as new lifestyles. Blacks were first to be developed, gradually upgrade to semite, and in between, asians at the end (top of the pyramid) white
elephant (Michael Jackson) with shelf life of approximately 2000 years (Christ died for US symbolism). Develop the dumbest race (white) give them all they need to fly and take it away from them. Outsource the theoretical knowledge from east to west applied it send
your people (massive immigration) to west (guilt trips) to get it back (outsourcing to east). Most if not all
of our theoretical knowledge came from Middle East, with crusaders it has been transferred to Western Europe and develop it later to be transferred to North America. Second world
war was too part of the long term planning as all the other wars all over the globe. Sheeple usually does not want to move from the base unless it is stressed (famine etc.) Now since it
has been almost returned to the east, full circle has been completed. The way it is done? Move the money around, tax, irrigate with more money, more tax if needed, later harvest, that is all!!!!
Making perfect slave who does his own shopping and cost the system zero. Slavery as we new it was expensive, SA model of enslaving black people did not work either, best model is democracy wherepeople don't even know what is happening to them. We live it here
in the W-east-earn-demo-crazies(phonetics). Demo could be from the Greek but it also has been used in our world as white-elephan-demo-hu-man-model.Briliant plan is'n it?
By the way Asians are not any better animals than whites or black people or any ather blend, they may have been just s-elect-ed next and de-vell-oppe-d (phonetics) for specific job task by our contractors controlers.

Frankly, those women deserve that. They voted these people into power and so they must accept the consequences of that.

Suspended Mayor of London stated recently that, "If voting changed anything, they'd abolish it."
Pakistani Nurse Raped for Refusing to Perform Abortions

By Gudrun Schultz

MATTRAI, Pakistan, February 27, 2006 ( – A young woman was raped by three men in retribution for refusing to perform illegal abortions in a rural community in the western Punjab last Wednesday.

Rubina Kousar, 26, worked as a nurse in the Mattrai health center. She refused to carry out abortions on two women, reported the Telegraph, despite six months of constant pressure from the women’s families.

“In the past our staff have been subjected to this type of victimization for refusing to carry out illegal abortions, but they have not raised their voices for fear of retribution,” said Riaz Hussein, of the Punjab Healthworkers’ Association.

Abortion is illegal in Pakistan after the fourth month of pregnancy, unless the woman’s life is in danger. Under the tribal system operating in isolated districts of the country, village leaders sometimes order gang rapes as a punishment against women for various social “transgressions”.

"The family came and harassed me but I never imagined they would do this," Miss Kousar said, weeping. "They have threatened my family with dire consequences if we do not settle this. But this is not the past when we can get pushed around. God will give me the courage to fight them."
To Anon @1.43
That's horrific. Absolutely horrific on so many levels. It seems endemic to Pakistan's rurual areas, and many other rural areas where women have no rights.
It gives me hope, though on two levels, first that this was reported and secondly that she is willing to do something about it.
There is that very famous case of a woman whose gang rape was ordered by a local kangaroo court and the men were later imprisoned, then freed and then, I think imprisoned again.
The other aspect to this is that the rape is used as a tool to shame the whole family. This obsession with "honour" that is tied to a woman's forced chastity leads to all kinds of abuses for real or imagined transgressions.
One of the reasons I personally despise organised religions.
the Catholic Church and Christianity had no problem with abortion or contraception until the 19th century, because for 1900yrs b/f that, they believed that a fetus did not become a human being until it attained consciousness & awareness, & that this really didnt happen until it was born. It was believed, that a fetus only became a baby with a soul at birth.

Opposition to abortion only emerged in the 19th century, based on the erroneous belief, adopted by many Drs at the time, that a fetus was a fully formed human for its entire existence after conception, & simply grew larger in the womb.

We now know that a fetus doesnt even have a fully developed brain until late in the gestation process - there is no way it could attain consciousness until the last trimester, if even then. Based on sound logic & traditional Catholic beliefs, there is absolutely no legitimate religious basis whatsoever for oppossing regular & emergency contraception, & no basis to oppose abortion until late in the pregnancy period.

Christians are stuck w/ an erroneous anti-abortion stance, based on both fauly science & ignorance of correct religious doctrine. BUT...the RCC & the Protestant leadership feels they can never change their stance, b/c they have focused on abortion so much for so long, & admitting they misinterpreted God's will would seriously undermine their authority.

-Pro-Choice Catholic
Pro Choice're saying God wants abortion?
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