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What's in the name of Islam?

I, like many other westerners have watched with bemusement, and a growing sense of outrage, the backlash from the Muslim world at the publication of cartoons depicting the Prophet Mohammed.
It's pretty hard to say exactly when my own mood swung from indulgence to major anger. I've always found demonstrations that turn into flag burning reminiscent of the goblins in fairy stories who, when thwarted, would jump up and down and stamp their feet.
Don't get me wrong. I am all for making a mass statement.
But rabble rousing is just so third world.
While I have no doubt that Muslims have been getting a raw deal, I have to wonder that the logic of this global outrage at the publication of a few sketches.
Yes, yes, yes, I understand that it's against their religion. Yes I get that. Really, I do. But in the greater scheme of things which does more harm to the world view of this vilified group, a cartoon of the Prophet with a bomb-shaped turban, or the fact that this is what angers them to the point where they will pour on to the streets waving their fists?
Like many westerners, I have to wonder where all this zealous defence of Islam as a peaceful religion was when Christian children were being beheaded, western tourists being blown apart, women having acid thrown into their faces or being gang raped by order of a Sharia court, women being dragged from hospital beds or jounalists having their throats cut on television. Where were all these "good" Muslims then?
I have no dout they existed then. I don't believe for one second that the acts of these crazed fundamentalists represent the majority. But there was no outrage then.
I have seen westerners protesting the war in Iraq. Yet it seems that atrocities carried out in the name of Islam are met with resounding silence.
Despite the pleading of "infidels" from all spectrums of religion, science and media, the Taleban's wanton destruction of ancient Buddhist relics went ahead without so much as a murmur from the moderate Muslims. Where were these defenders of the faith then?
When some head-swathed maniac gets himself on television yelling that westerners should die, when children are used as mules to carry limb tearing, death dealing explosives, where are these folk? Why are they not standing up then and saying "NOT IN THE NAME OF ISLAM"?
That to me is far more shocking than a cartoon. But make no mistake, the cartoon has done its job of ripping the veil of piety from the face of religion and showing boths its faces to the world. Neither of them are looking any good.
How can you be so insensitive to other religions?
I have planned to immigrate to SA in eighties after researched the weather climate of that country and that was the main reason I wanted to make the move. This was after my escape from former socialist Czechoslovakia.
Immigration office in Wiena, Austria has rejected my application... I am stuck in "Promised Land" Canada with terrible winters.
I like your real life no nonsense opinion on the issues.
Thanks for the compliments. Poor you. One of the reasons I stayed away from Canada is the winters. Brrrrrr.
I know a few Eastern Europeans that immigrated to SA. I feel really sorry for them.
Don't get me wrong, I love my country, deeply. And I know that it has huge potential, if only people could start looking forwards instead of backwards.
Sadly, I don't think that will happen any time soon.
Don't feel sorry for them they can leave SA and go back to their country of birth
any time as long they leave their property behind. I found the new democrazes regimes in Czech and Slovak republic have found new SA extremely
good to do business with mainly selling them weapons.By the way Canada climate has visibly changed since I was dropped off here on April 1,(Fools Day, I really mean it) to acomodate new-bees.
It is now for some reason warmer.At least we do not have here hurry-cain-s.
I would not want to be in the position of loving any country in the world.We are here all refugees.
What is going to be your next blogg?
I am thinking of doing something on the "search for god through science" But I'll see.
Do you think that Nelson could be double, since "original" was very militant hardliner.
Also Mr.Hani was assasinated to change the directions of the SA? This guy would have been president for sure.
I remember anothet guy Joe Slovo from
Soviet Union as member of politburo.I think he was the only "white" in that group.
Yes, Mr Mandela was a terrorist. And I always point this out to people, who are more than surprised if they don't already know. But he was a strategic terrorist. The real killing (and in reflection it was still very mild to what it could have been) only happened after he was in prison and his wife wielded way too much power.
Most of the violence was between the two major parties, the ANC and Inkatha. I used to belong to Inkatha, so perhaps I was more aware of it than others.

I don't think Hani was killed off to make way for Mandela. He was a very strong leader in his own right, but Mandela had garnered such a strong following, not only in South Africa but world wide, only he could ever be the next president.
And thank God he was, because I don't think anyone else had the kudos to handle the change and keep the peace. The lighter skinned South Africans should kiss his feet.
This would be as close to official journalist version of events as one would want public to believe?

I found based on my own observation and experience that things are rather different in real-time life.
For instance leader of so called Prague's Spring Alexander Dubcek after returning back to limelight and supported by people has had strange
automobile accident and died from wounds. Newly elected president Vaclav Havel had no chance while Dubcek was alive to get the job.
Remind you Comrade Dubcek was against the split of Czechoslovakia.
That world wide support for Mr. Terrorist could have been easy manufactured by media most of the people just parrot. Hani would have wanted immediate revenge.
Can you tell what is the difference between Muslim and Islam? Are they all Muslims? Why isn't the single Dome a holy shrine for all of them?
Well, Hani was killed by the Right wingers. He was assassinated, there is no doubt about that. And yes, Comrade Hani would have probably wanted immediate retribution. Even if he hadn't wanted it, he would not have had the credentials to prevent it. Madiba (Mandela) did.
Islam is the religion, Muslim is the name given to the followers of the religion.
Inside of Islam there are many sects, some very strict fundamentalist, others more progressive. Just like there are in most religions, Christianity included. For the most part, Christianity has already gone through this kind of violence. They no longer tend to kill off people who disagree with them.(Although some still do, if you take a look at the murder of abortion doctors in the US). But while these countries remain in the grip of religion and superstition - for that is what all religion is - they less likely they will be to progress scientifically and civilly.
It's very dangerous to view ALL Muslims as the same, just as it is to view ALL Westerners or ALL blacks, or ALL communists as the same.
Religion is by its nature evil, if we kill each other in the name of religion or politics then neither are doing us any good.
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