Sunday, March 19, 2006


Jacob Zuma not fit to be in charge of a box of crayons

One step away from being the President of the country, South African ANC deputy Jacob Zuma is embroiled in two different criminal charges. The first of graft, the second of rape. While these are both serious crimes, what concerns me is something Zuma said during his rape trial.
He alleges the sex was at her behest. I believe even it if was, it was a rare insight into the mind of the man who thinks he's good enough to take stewardship over the lives of 55 million people.
Let's examine this.
He is a married man. Okay, nothing new there. Statistics have shown us that over 80 per cent of married men cheat on their wives and I suspect the cultural norms of an African society would make that figure higher.
But then it gets really skanky.
The woman was a guest in Zuma's home. The home where he has his wife and children.
But perhaps the most stomach churning revelation of all was that she is HIV positive, AND HE KNEW THAT.
And KNOWING that, he had unprotected sex with her because "they couldn't find a condom."
The man who would be responsible for running a country can't even control his own penis. Like some pimply faced schoolboy he couldn't "wait". He found it better to risk his life and the life of his wife and any other sexual partners he might have, because he was too weak to walk away.
That is not a man, that is a dog.
New topic?
Where do we come from before birth, why are we here on earth's surface and where do we really go when we die?

The pornography you get read is only Carpathian Monks sharing experience

Vampire Lore
They were written by a Saxon mon named Brother Jacob who fled the country for ...

Owing to his deprived childhood, Jacob Zuma did not receive any formal schooling.
Convicted of conspiring to overthrow the government, he was sentenced to 10 years' imprisonment, which he served on Robben Island.


* Honoured with the Nelson Mandela Award for Outstanding Leadership in Washington DC, US. (1998)
* Received an Honorary Doctorate of Literature from the University of Fort Hare (2001)
* Received an Honorary Doctorate of Administration from the University of Zululand (2001)
* Received an Honorary Doctorate of Philosophy from Medical University of Southern Africa (2001)
I no longer want to visit here.
ThanQ you
for your time.
You make some good points, and I think your style is great.
It is sometimes so easy to criticize, on this specific topic I cannot agree with you more but then, you fall in the same trap as the anti feminists in your belief that your view is the only correct one.

I for one have had the opportunity to work with many a Muslim’s in my life and to label all that believe in Islam as woman haters or even terrorists, is about as good as saying all South African’s are racist, or even all American’s are murderers, As this is as far from the truth as could be.

Thanks for the frank views, but be a little more open minded it could only help if people where more accepting of the differences amongst us.
I am back with new topic: fonetics

SOS for West.

O.K means zero killed not o.k.

Communists hidden RELIGION'S MISSION
( co-MOON-ist )

Son of the son of the son = SON-Y
"Y" in Japanese dictionary none-existent? Why "Y" ?
East winning over with the help of Western Jannisaries.
Fotog...why not get your own blog?
To Anon:

I would fall into the trap of believing that my view is the only correct one? The very fact that I hold it as "my view" would intimate that I believe it's the only correct one.
I have not said that all Muslims are terrorists or anything else along that line. Those who know me know that for years I have been trying to point out this very fact to many people. If you can show me where you think I am being closed minded I would be glad to discuss it with you.
Hitler also received several decorations. He still wound up being a kak person.

To the author:
You are right. This country will kak if Jacob turns prez.
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