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I often get a lot of ribbing about my handle, Inkonkoni, which is generally a Zulu word used to describe a gnu. Unfortunately is it aslo a Xhosa word used to describe a lesbian.

Why I chose the name:

1) The gnu used to be the symbol of my home province, Natal, as can be seen above, and is currently one of the supporters of the KwaZulu Natal crest.

2) SAS Inkonkoni is the name of the citizen force naval base in Durban with which I have been affiliated. SAS Inkonkoni

3) Furthermore, as I work in a newspaper the word is just too punny to resist - "gnuspaper" get it?

4) As I like unicorns, other mythical horned animals, it was a no brainer.

5) No one else had chosen it on yahoo and my family instantly recognise it.

All of this was before the GNU freeware came along. Now everyone wants GNU.


Hey baby, you can be my wild african beast any time you like.
Very good your writings on Mugabe. I enjoy it very much.
Yeah, Mugabe piece was very insightful. When's your next piece due?
Excellent work on the Mugabe piece you really captured the essense of the man, although I sense it might have been "toned down" a little.
You go girl. Can't wait for the mag to come out.
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Am I missing something here? Why the big explanation? Do people think you're a lesbo? Ha ha ha ha a hah ah. Lucky you didn't keep your previous nick my little carpet shark. I think there must be something deep down inside you that really likes women. Come on baby, come over to the dark side.
Dark Raven ons praat nie witkaffir nie.
@ арктический волк.
соприкосновение меня незаконнорожденный

Why are you wasting your time trying to reason with the arseholes on SouthAfricaSucks? Talk about the dregs of society. These people are losers man, with a capital L. Even the guy that's running it admits he doesn't want to do anything constructive to help his own people. He's just an attention whore. The fucking great white master race indeed. They couldn't organise their way out of a paper bag man. Their site lies, and carries on lying and putting up sensationalistic bullshit just to get more hits. What the fuck is a crack journo like you doing on a site like that? I saw your piece on Mugabe and the piece on the Hmong and Litvenenko. You have talent. You should get off your skinny arse and do more writing instead of wasting time with fuckwads like that. I mean Jesus Christ, you take a look at the crap they posted on Jamie Robertson. And the stupid fucking BM picture with it. It just goes to show they don't know what the fuck they're talking about most of the time. Let Darwin do his work and let these assholes die out, you'll be doing the world a favour. They're nothing more than white kaffirs squealing like piggies because they've lost their handouts from the white government, and they've lost their job protection. Trash man, that's all they are.
Hello Baak Ma, welcome back. Nice to see more of the eyesred gang showing up here.
Tarlton: I go there because at the moment I need to. Some posts (well, okay, two) have been informative and put me on to useful contacts. And I suppose I have the vague hope that they will get together and do something, but again it seems obvious that is not their intention. Kind of reminds me of the Jews in Germany.
Hey Wolf, man that ROCKS. Is that the SU30 we've been hearing so much about? I must say I've got behind on my SUs, well all my weaps actually. Don't seem to have much call for that now. That deserves a posting on its own. If only I had the time.
Hey Noiks, Where are you?
Have you been banned from the WSAS Blog??
I havn't placed a comment since I noticed.
Hey, we don't give a stuff about your name, just give us the posts!
Shouldn't this Dark Raven character be put away in a home for mentally disabled children. How sad....a rejected little soul..
Hi Anon @ March 09, 2007

Yes, it seems UG is exercising his iron fist and jack boots because I declined to discuss Nambla with him. (although he whines that I answer too many posts and just everyone hates me - boo hoo hoo)
It's quite sad, really. But I am in two minds about whether or not to post something about it. It would seem that all of these sites, like Cesa and AfricanCrisis and WSAS ends up being run by rightwing freaks who haven't moved their minds past about 1950. They keep on yammering on about the "Master Race" but in actual fact they couldn't organise a two-car funeral. It's quite embarassing really. Their sites are supposed to be focused on crime or the terrible state of affairs in the country and end up flinging faeces about homosexuality, abortion, eugenics and anything else that would mark them out as the gnat-witted rednecks everyone thinks they are.
That wouldn't be so bad if they were just keeping their nonsense to themselves, but I fear it appears to rational people that they represent the whites in South Africa. Now that IS a scary thought.
Ja Dark Raven, that's about as classy as I thought you'd be. Love the candle holder.
Wow they actually let two comments through today, maybe The Real Realist was doing the checking.
I agree totally with your statements re the S.A. blogs, on the one hand they seem quite intellectual on the other one can see their isolation with the rest of the world, re homosexuals, peadophiles, family murders, relations with black woman etc etc and instead of meaningful debate their only reaction can be aggression to cover their ignorance.
It's a very male dominated domain and considering their history one must be grateful they allow a comment from a woman - because they don't know when you post under "Anon" You however they know to be a woman and you will be punished for having an opinion...musn't get too clever "LADY" - certainly not more clever than us..and arn't they just the most charming "gentlemen".
As you say there is nothing constructive just rage.
I think WSAS does more damage than good as far as the image of South Africans is concerned.
If they leave S.A. they are going to have a very hard time adjusting to the outside world.
I for one don't post there anymore.
Good Luck
wish you'd give yourself a name, on my blog at least. Most of the men who post here are fairly open minded except old Arctic Wolf. He's a true red dyed in the wool soviet army type. So I get a bit of flak from him now and again but his heart is in the right place (inside his chet, sort of left of centre).
I disagree that the WSAS blogs are even intellectual. Much of the stuff they post is seriously flawed. I don't know if you waded through the whole copy about why blacks are psycopaths which is on extremely shakey ground. First of all the situation in South Africa is that crime committed by black women is pretty low - and probably only along the lines of petty theft. It's not black women who are going out and raping and car jacking and jack rolling and torturing. They are suffering just as much as - if not more - than the whites are. So if it is a "genetic" disposition to violence then it has to be in the Y gene of the males and passed on through male lines. You know, like haemophilia (do excuse the spelling, it's six am and I've had exactly 3 hours sleep). That being said the writer then says that Asians have the lowest rate of this psycho gene. Obviously he missed out on the whole second world war atrocities thing from Japan. Furthermore a huge proportion of Asians can trace their lineage back to one of the most bloodthirsty leaders in history - Genghis, or the other, Attila. So why was that psychogene "washed out"?
Then it goes on to say that Native Americans have this high propensity to psychopathy. Now Native Americans are seldom pure blood these days, mixed mostly with whites, but they trace their ancestral roots back to the cradle of the some of the most violent civilisations in history - Asia. Mongolia in particular. It's a bit of a non sequiter then that Asians of today are painted as being gentle people (genetically) while the Native American is genetically tarred and feathered.
Anyway, WSAS does serve some vague purpose of alerting us to the cime - those outside SA. I just cannot post the sheer volume of stuff that they do - mainly because I write mine from scratch, service this blog and another and work full time. But it still pains me that not much action is being taken to solve SA's problems.
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