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Not sure about the ins and outs at my favourite white racist website, but I see one of the contributors, Marwinsing had been fired. I thought they had dragged the foul mouthed Knorrig off to the SPCA for some rabies shots at least, as it all seemed too much for Uhuru Guru to deal with people actually debating and talking on his blog. Poor old guy he needed help and gave ops status to The Real Realist, who seemed at first to be a fairly okay kind of person, Marwinsing who also seemed to be fairly okay and the thick-as-camel-pee Knorrig who loves to yap about things he knows nothing about.
It seems the Uhuru Guru went back to his witblitz and boerewors after taking a pounding over his homophobia and using for his own personal vendetta against gays who in his book are all child molesting criminals responsible for all the crime in South Africa and probably global warming too. To give the old guy his due, he did actually put up the postings of his detractors and as I said, I think he bit off more than he could chew. Blogging, even if you only cut and paste, can sap your time and energy, and being editor/writer/op editor and simple man in the street can be exhausting. On second thoughts maybe he's recovering in one of those happy hospitals where the nice nurses have syringes filled with drugs that make you feel good.
Anyway, with Marwinsing gone (apparently after they "found out something about him" probably that he's Indian or some other such crime) he was jackbooted out. Then Knorrig seemed to be taken off the list too.
I think The Real Realist (yeh right) realised he had too much on his hands as the blog was chugging along at quite a good pace. So Knorrig was reinstated, but with a small "k" for his name. Hmmmmmm some secret message there?
At the end of the day, Once again I am personna non-grata, as TRR's jackboot style of running what used to be a pretty free and open blog, mean that only the noddies (people who nod along in agreement) get their stuff posted. Most of these replies are of course written by TRR himself as can be seen in the style and turn of phrase.
Ultimately what used to be a fairly lively forum for debate (more or less) has been turned into a blocked drain of racism from which the words "LIBERAL, CRAZY, and KAFFIR" are regularly burped. Oh, sorry they have other ways of saying "Kaffir" which they think are oh so clever. Like SOPHISTICATED BLACK GENTLEMAN (even if the perp is eight).
But once again they end up with pie on their faces. Firstly in a crime report about a man who shot and killed a burglar in his home: Oh dear, the police took away the weapon, what to do, what to do, surely this was some evil plot against all white's rights to carry guns and protect themselves. Anyone with any sense would realise that the weapon was now part of the crime scene and that the White shooter would automatically become a murder suspect. This has nothing to do with race, or the change in law. It's basic criminal law. A crime has been comitted -three in fact. One the breaking and entering of the home/ two, the assault, and three the killing of the criminal. They don't take into consideration that the police are only doing their job. That they need to explore all the facets of the case and can't take one man's word just because he is White. Gone are the days when the cops will drag a burglar who had been shot in the back into the house and put a kitchen knife in his hand, then with a nod, wink and tap of the nose, make the man out to be the local hero.
The second instance where their vicious KKK colours show is where according to them, some Danish group wishes to set up rape counselling centres in various townships. Now if there is one thing they hate more than blacks, it's people who would help blacks in any way. These people are lumped together under the dreaded LIBERALS term. We all know that SA is the rape capital of the world, but these white men would rather see nothing done to help the women victims, than let those crazy liberals give them anything. It can well be argued that the rape rate has not increased greatly since the change in government, but merely the reporting of such crime has changed, and the previous regime didn't bother, didn't care to police these areas. Women were not well enough informed of their rights, and with scant policing in townships would often have to see their attackers on the streets because they had little choice of where to go, and the police were too busy protecting the whites from the total onslaught of... er...well just the total onslaught of uppity blacks who might want to use whites only beaches.
As the SA government battles to redress the stupidity of its previous regime the white taxpayer is hurting, make no mistake about it. But what the numpties at WSAS do not grasp is that firstly the infrastructure and services need to be laid on to millions of people simply because the previous regime failed to do this. And secondly the tangled nightmare of SA tax law leaves loopholes for the wealthy whites who can stash their millions overseas, plunder the country of its resources and get away with paying next to nothing in what they should for taxes.
One can tell immediately by the "comments" posted, the intel level of the writers who all nod along together in a constant whine of white angst at losing their advantages of the past. What a pity UG. But, I understand.

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Some sweet, some sour, but mostly bile...
Hey bunny!

Now what on earth makes you think I left Sucko....mmmhhhh!?

I'm on a business trip overseas and cannot post regularly....old fart!

Back in a week to gun you agian.....he...he!

Maybe you should take the time to actually learn something......because sure as havn't even come close to 'refuting' ANYTHING I said....he...he!

Sweet dreams bunny...your REALIST nightmare is returning soon!
Oh puppy, I thought you had been ditched because your name disappeared from "regualr jerks" or whatever they call it, but then they put it back.
You have not proved anything, not one teensy weensy single liddle link to prove your assertions against Tokyo, who, I must add, looks like a mighty fine presidential candidate from where I am sitting.
I shall not be posting on sucko anymore as they do not publish my posts, as I pointed out, "Noddies Only". So you'll have to come here and brawl if you have the balls.
I've linked this article to WSAS, and they've put it up on the blog.

So maybe your postings will be accepted again ?
Hi Anon

Thanks, but there really is no point in posting there anymore.
1 No one backs up anything with fact.
2 No one is interested in doing anything to make a difference.
3. All seems pretty pointless to me.
I think WSAS is on it's last leg...UG & TRR indicated (a while ago) that they were leaving S.A. in due course - maybe that time has come. For me the blog has lost it's charm...
It has lost a lot and that is very sad. It could have been a very powerful tool to alert the world to what is really going on in SA and not leaving it to government sources. But like many people who try to do this, they allow themselves to be hijacked by their own agendas. Instead of just making it about what they say it's about, they make it about white right, and white might and thereby ensure that no mainstream media will ever take up their cause. It seems they don't understand that rest of the world didn't really like Adolf Hitler, and niether did the rest of the world like apartheid. They need to learn that you catch more flies with sugar than with vinegar. But then won't, they are on their way out, them and their kind, and the world will be better off without them.
You talk the talk but you have yet to learn the walk, take your commie skants and run along now.....
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