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You gutless dogs

Any hope for Africa got washed down the drain this week as once again the balless "leaders" of the continent failed to rail against the outrageous behaviour of those among them.
First up was the SADC's complete lack of spine, gumption, sense of identity and foresight when they failed to murmur their faintest disapproval of the tyrant president thief of Zimbabwe, Robber Mugabe.
Just days before the conference of Africa's "elite" Mugabe had had his opposition, the elected president Morgan Tsvangirai locked up and beaten within an inch of his life. And the world only knew about Tsvangirai because of his fame. Barely making a blip on international press radar was the death of Gift Tandare and the brutal assault on other MDC party members, along with the constant harassment and beatings of members of the group Women of Zimbabwe or (Woza).
Words can no longer describe the horrors this man visists on his helpless country. But one of the things that gave Zimbabweans any form of hope was that by next year he would have to hold another election, and as he has been the country's only President since its revolution, and he is 83, chances are that he would step down.
But Mugabe is too clever for that. He knows that if he steps down he'll be putting his head into a noose. And well he should. Thousands of people were massacred on his orders. Millions face starvation and beatens and rapes and other forms of torture at the behest of his regime.
So the snake has wrangled another term from his party of frightened little men who do not have what it takes to say "ENOUGH".
After the SADC meeting, where Mugabe was expected to at least be heavily chastised by other African leaders for his flagrant crimes, he says he did not hear a murmur of criticism. That they all got together and agreed it was all the west's fault, and that sanctions against Zimbabwe should be lifted.
These EU and US imposed sanctions affect only Mugabe and his elite by restricting their travel and the flow of their finances.
But the SADC in fact DID call for the lifting of these sanctions.
The swaggering Mugabe told his supporting thugs that he knew about Tsvangirai's beating, and that he approved. "He deserved it," he said.
Can you imagine for just one minute if someone like Tony Blair or George Bush had to say such a thing? They would be impeached before the presses had finished running.
But in Africa, Mugabe is welcomed back to his country by his lackeys.
Why do you suffer from this inability to accept things at face value--? They are not the same as us (a generalisation I know, but valid nonetheless)- I am not advocating violence or hatred. Just a simple acknowledgement that perhaps we are different in ways (generally) which makes it very difficult (if not impossible) to coexist in peace. I do not deny that some of them are very much like us, and that some of us are very much like them. I am merely saying -- A wise person does at once, what a fool does at last. Both do the same thing; only at different times.
--John Dalberg Acton

Which do you choose to be?
Attila, (I find it amusing that you have chosen the name of one of the most savage savages of them all) let me explain things from my point of view. There may or may not be differences between "us" and "them" (because I think a lot of factors come into play to make us who we are, the least of which is the colour of ours skins) I'll be generous and say it's 50 % nature and 50% nurture.
To me it is irrelevant simply because there is nothing you can do with that information and its surrounding beliefs.
You are in Africa. You are a minority. Argument over. You're never going to be in power in africa again. Give it up and smell the burning tyres.
I will always refuse to accept sweeping generalisations of people and nations. You cannot compare Oprah to Winnie. You cannot compare Sexwale to Mugabe. You cannot even compare Denzyl Washington to James Earl Jones.
So let's say I agree with you that "they" are all stupid, violent criminals. What are you going to do with that information? All you can do is say "I told you so." You can't go back to the way things were. And you sure as heck can't move into power again. You can't keep them down because of their colour. You can't give them second or third best because of their colour. You can't take away their land and make it law that they can't hold skilled jobs simply because of the colour of their skin. If what you say is true then they should be unemployable enough not to need the "law".
But, let me tell you something, everything you pin on blacks, you can pin on to men. Of all races. If men were somehow "controlled" there would be no rape, very little robbery, the murder rate would drop like a stone, domestic violence figures would drop, car accidents, wars, violence, would be replaced with social upliftment schemes. Yet we have to live with men. They make up more than half the world's population. To prove my point - how many black women are going out robbing and torturing and murdering, compared to the number of black men? Hmmm?
Ah, yeah, one or two.
So tell me Attila...what are you going to do with the differences you love to point out?
The US just handed the opposition it's butt. Typical asshole westerners play by their own crazy laws but no one else is playing their game. Dipshitz
1. I do not refer anywhere to skin colour as a determinant of difference nor do I promote anything negative against them.---Maybe read before you get that mouth running.

2. The comment started with the object of the comment---face value. The point being,when every statictic points to incompatibility and failure of "multiculturalism". Why do you continue to espouse it?

3. As for the unbalanced attack on men--Sorry to interruptus your PMS'ness. Lets examine the other side of the coin
Most great art
Most great medical discoveries
Most great poetry
Most great literature.
Most great chefs.
Most great music.
Most great architecture.
Most great scientific discoveries

Einstein was a woman????etc etc.

So you see, you find yourself in exactly the same position as your simian brotherhood. Due to lack of achievement based on gender or genus--you have to attack greatness and bring it down to your level. In NZ we call this the "tall poppy syndrome".

Attila was (like Hitler and Napoleon) vilified for the odd atrocity, his nation building and unifying achievements are assigned lesser importance by the weak kneed writers of history. The winners write the histories and Attila is no more of a monster than the "winners" who made possible the fire bombing of Dresden and the Nuclear holocaust of Hiroshima and Nagasaki. I am of part Hungarian extraction and can trace my hunnish family tree back to when Rome was in decline. The Hungarian people are notable for providing the world with scientific, mathematical, musical and numerous other genii. I am proud to associate with a people that can trace part of their unification and national character back to a man with balls. What is it that you are part of and proud of---OH WAIT!!THE HUMAN RACE??...

At least I see that you have progressed to the point that you are willing to accept the reality and existence of "difference"..I guess all you need now is someone to take you by the hand an lead you inexorably to the logical progression of the path you have now stumbled upon... DAMN--guess we'll just have to wait for that infernal PMS (or is it menopause) to stop clouding your mind.
No, It's PMS.
Big whoop. You kept women down and achieved good things, imagine what you could have achieved if you had not kept women down.
The firebombing of Dresden and the nuclear bombings of Japan did nothing to contribute to victory. There were horrific acts of small minded men who should have paid for their murderous ways. Sadly the world painted them as heroes and war as glorious.
Atilla never built a damn thing in his life except a nation. Remember that. And what he learned in warfare he learned from the Romans. Like the majority of great leaders - Shaka Zulu, Hitler, Churchill, etc etc, he was a psychopath. You think Atilla didn't rape and plunder and murder? You think he didn't slaughter babies and women? You're a joke. The very thing that your pals on sasucks rant about day in and day out are the very things your hero is notorious for. Get real, baby, stop to wipe the idol dust from your eyes and see him for the murdering, thieving, violent little bastard that he was.
The issue, Atilla - and the one you keep on dodging so artfully like that slipperly lil sucker Knorrig on Sexwale's jets - is what are you going to DO with those differences eh? You can point to this and point to that and beat yourself on the chest and say "Whoo hooo look at what we did" and then? How does that relate to where we are TODAY? How is that even relevant to where we are TODAY?
This has nothing to do with "tall poppy" syndrome. (We call it crabs in a bucket). Yay, you're a tall poppy. What does that mean in day to day affairs?
How about YOU have some balls and say YOU expect to be treated differently because of the accident of your birth. Because that is what you're saying, is it not? You happened, by the great roll of the cosmic dice to be born at a certain place at a certain time to certain parents and now you expect the world to "give" you certain things that it should not give other people. You personally have done nothing to deserve the advantages you enjoy except to be born. Yet even those are not enough for you. You would take away any form of advantage from those who have less than you, simply by the accident of their birth, and thereby continue the cycle. There is no nobility in that. (watch this space for a Knorrig noble savage rant even though it has nothing to do with what we're talking about).
Unbalanced attack on women? Attila you're a joke. That wasn't an attack it was more like an aside. Yes, men have achieved a lot. But they have also caused 99.9 per cent of the wars on this planet. They have committed by far and away the most murders, rapes, robberies, torture, world pollution, nuclear stand-offs, man made diseases and complete and utter rapine destruction of the earth.
If I had my way, all men would be locked away from ages nine to 60. They obviously cannot handle the strength they have been given.
You're quitre right there Arctic Wolf. The west does play by rules that others don't follow. It's very sad for those who get hanged on the gibbet of aspiration.
A lion does not choose to be born a lion--Yet as a lion he/she has a place and a function in nature. Such is the natural order of things..Let me know when the the red mist clears and we can continue the journey.. baby steps of course. wonderbra-->burn it, why shackle yourself to a man's invention?
Atilla, do not bring nature in to this. You know as well as I do that has zip to do with the argument. And I don't care for your patronizing tone, btw. You still have not answered my question. What do you expect to come out of this elaborate extrapolation? Lay it out, and let's take a look.
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