Friday, April 06, 2007


Who won the UK/Iran Row?

Damn, I hate to agree with you, but they made the west's eyes water.
Sometimes soldiers should just keep their big yaps shut. The Brit guys are whining about how they were cuffed, blindfolded, stripped and not given any information from the outside world. That's what led to them spilling their guts like pinatas, they say. What kind of soldiers are these? What were they expecting? If they can't say they were tortured it's better they suck down a cup of shut-the-fuck-up instead of whine about what most prisoners would call a "great day". In fact most ryadovóy would count themselves blessed to have two weeks like these guys did. They were fed, the were not beaten, it was a win win situation.
Let's compare it to a stint in western prison. No getting bitchslapped with water-filled latex gloves, no human pyramids of naked men, no ferocious dogs, no threats of rape, no electric shocks, starvation, beating. AND they get given gifts when they leave, which they took?
Oh Fuck off Tzarval. What were they supposed to do then? Get beaten? You think that's heroic is it? They acted sensibly and got out of a nasty mess, and made Iran look like the schio whack jobs that everyone knows they are.
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