Friday, May 25, 2007


Litvinenko: Russian should never hand over Lugovoy

So now the Brits think Lugovoy might have killed the traitor Alexander Litvinenko who died so publicly and gallantly to the treasure of his criminal uncle Boris in what has to be the best stage-managed death of the year. Not even the queen mum died with such design.
So it would seem that Putin is made out to be the bad guy when he refuses to let Lugovoy be extradited to face trial in the UK.
But there is no extradition agreement between Russia and the UK. That is the one thing that keeps uncle Boris sleeping soundly every night.
Now watch the western media turn it on Putin, making him out to be the villain here. Yet for years they have harboured Russia's criminals. Boris is but one.
That was a long...long... one... way hey. Sorry you had to miss it.
Awww, did you two boys kiss and make up? Hey Wolfie... is Da Gangsta looking after your little girl again or is she with you?
So tell me, Gangsta, when is Andrei Lugovoi going to get eaten by bears or have some other sort of mystery accident? Can't just let him get away with handing hmself over to the Brits.
Wolfie! Nice to see you again. Were you there? Wow. I thought it was a long shot too. So it all went off beautifully did it?
Mashi... you just know way too much. Maybe YOU should be fed to the bears my little wabbit.
Wolf, who said I missed it? It was beautiful.
Mashi, come for a vodka next time I'm in town, we can talk.
It was beautiful... yes it was.
Mashi, what happen with my baby is none of your problems.
Ah yes but you see, Wolf, it is everyone's problem when you sell your little girl to gangters.
Off topic. What about the new hardware?
Notice how Wuffie and the scar went all quiet.
Bear it is not too new. The earlier ones were still able to break through Bushie's shield. But they wanted this to test now just before G8 so Vlad could put things on the table. Fucking Nkors fucking fucked that up hmmm.
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