Tuesday, July 03, 2007


Curse of the Kursk

Hey Boys, do you think before Putin goes he will answer the questions about the Kursk? Do you think he will finally admit what everyone knows?
I don't want to sound flip, old boy, but I think that ship has long sailed.
It will make no difference now to say the yankees did this. It is too late. What do you want anyway? They never say sorry.
We know the Kursk was shot. If you saw the picture of the ship's hull you can clearly see how the metal is bending in to the ship and not out of ths ship like the explosion is come from inside. There is no question. And the Americans were right there, making strange moves with their ships too. But what was Putin to do, huh? Start a war over some sailors?
Tzar Val thank you for bringing this up again. I search and look each day to see if someone will every tell the trut about that day. My brother died there. I want to know why we did not make the Americans pay for what they did. Why did Putin be quiet. Why did they drug that mother who just wanted to know the truth. We were so proud when Serge was put on to the Kursk, it was his dream to be there and he was very happy to be there. We know there was nothing wrong with that ship. NOTHING. There would not be such an "accident" at sea. We KNOW the American ships were there and I hear somehow that they did fire the missile. But no one cares because the people who died are Russian. We will never forgive for this.
I want them to pay damages to the families who have been left without fathers and brothers and sons. And I want them to admit that it was not a fault of the Russians. There was nothing wrong with that boat.
Well, good luck with THAT mission. We know it was the Americans. They could not let the Kursk show what she could do. Chicken shit bastards. It was good to know that our young men were strong until their last breaths. I know it is ov no comfort to the families, but they were very proud to serve their motherland on the Kursk. Where is the wolf? He would say it better than me. Remember this is not the only time ths has happened.
I see only now they are handing over information about K129. All those years the families never knew what happened. It will be 50 years again before we get any news on Kursk.
She was carrying nuclear weapons and encryption gear. And the US "salvaged" her. More like plundered. I would like to see HER hull hmm? That would give us a good idea about what happened there.
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