Tuesday, July 10, 2007


No free pass for Jews

"To our Christian sisters and brothers I say - do not, out of a sense of guilt for anti-Semitism, give the Jewish people a free pass. Do not confuse anti-Semitism with critique of Israel, and in so doing fail to hold Jews accountable for our choices and our actions, as members of the human community, as individuals, and as a nation state -- especially as a nation state. To make this mistake, to allow yourselves to be - I will use the word - bullied by the threat of the charge of anti-Semitism, is to commit a pernicious fallacy." - Mark Braverman
Dr. Mark Braverman, a member of Jewish Voice for Peace who serves on the Boards of Israeli Committee Against House Demolitions, Partners for Peace and the Washington Interfaith Alliance for Middle East Peace.
Is there a point to this or is it a peace offering for da gangsta. Hey, I haven't seen him around town recently. Are you having a break up?
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ha ha... this is a good one. Maybe they will give us back our money and send us back the criminals that they harbor.
Noiks is getting into trouble with the yankees for saying the Holocaust might need to be revisited. Suddenly she's painted as a Jew hater. You know you've stung someone when you get called anti-semetic. Don't worry Noiks, it happens to all the top journos. Wear it as a badge of pride. Those assholes like to bleat about free speech until they don't like what you're saying, then it's "this law" and "that law" until they tape their own mouths shut. ha ha ha. They're still Israel's bitches.
Thanks Winch. Being compared to Are My Jeans bad is indeed a great honour. Lions and Tigers and Bears, Oh my! You are right. There is no freedom of speech in the US anymore. There seems to be no understanding of "degree" on that message board. It is as if people are too stupid or don't pay enough attention to what one is saying, before they slot one into one pigeon hole or another. Such a great nation - wasted in fear.
Holocaust? The Holocaust was a JOKE compared to what the Jews did in Russia.
I wonder if any of those yankees ever knew that Genrikh Grigor'evich Yagoda was JEWISH. I wonder if they even KNOW about the 20 MILLION Russians who died at the hands of the NKVD.
Maybe they must look up Lazar Moiseyevich Kaganovich and Leonid Reichman. Jews were neck-deep in what happened during Russia's holocaust.
Hey wassup??--Jews making too much money outa youse guys?? Seems like Hitler had it right hey hey??

I told you so i told you so--(I'd keep on, but its getting kinda childish;-)
All Hitler did was try to move them out of his country. The holocaust is just a fairy story so that Israel canget lost of money from the guilty west.
Da gangsta hates da jooz.
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