Sunday, December 16, 2007


New missiles commissioned

Russia has commissioned three new Topol-M missiles which are capable of breaking through any kind of missile shield.
The Topol-M is dubbed the missile technology for the 21st century.
These new commissions will be part of the mobile launch forces, on the backs of vehicles that can go almost anywhere, and launch at any point in their journey.
The system has been commissioned regardless of whether or not heavy missiles are stood down from from combat alert duty, with some 90 or the 360 launch silos vacated by the RS20s converted to accept Topol.
But it is not only these mobile launchers that give the RVSN the edge.
Through the turmoil of the USSR's collapse, the missile forces have remained a constant but secretive exclusive club for some of the best military minds in the country. The duty officers of the CCP (Central Command Post) are hand picked by the strategic missile forces. Seventy percent of those on CDA are master-rated, or first or second-class specialists. Their training is, and has been, continuous with the SFM holding around 2,000 drills each year.
Because a missile's readiness to obey an order ranges from between 30 seconds to two minutes, communications equipment to relay those orders are top of the range. Its communications channels operate continually both in and outside of the country's borders. It is so effective that if some of the command posts are disabled, the order will be rerouted within seconds to reach a certain number of launchers and they will launch the missiles.
Even in the cowboy days of Yeltsin's rule, every missile was continually monitored like an early-born infant, it's temperature, its seals, and its component parts. Each and every missile is constantly monitored by central command with alarms and shutdown systems in place to prevent infiltration, even from the duty general at central. If he "flips the lid" an attempts to tamper with any missile without complete authorisation, the whole system is replaced. Because of these stringent safety measure it can take an entire day to relieve one missileman.
To this end shifts only change every fourth or fifth day, in accordance with a commitment to privyazany k odnotipnosti.
Russians believed that after 2005 there would be holes in the missile defence system but with the deployment of the Topol M's every year, the outdated missiles are steadily being replaced with new ones, to constantly reinforce the readiness to fend off any attack.
Now that Putin has broken free of the restrictive treaties, the missile forces are able to fully deploy to the best of their ability.
What? Yeah see, no one cares. Get back under your snow rock.
Yeah I was wondering about this too. Is the tsar losing his mind? Who cares about new missiles in Russia?
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