Friday, December 14, 2007


Reach out and snatch someone

It certainly is lucky that Litvinenko did not die his stage-managed death in America. If that were the case Andrei Lugovoi, the suspect-in-chief, would surely have been kidnapped by American agents and either taken back to the US for trial, or sent to some legal dark hole to rot away in a prison cell without any legal recourse.
This piece of news came to light again in a recent court case in the UK.
The court case involves Stanley Tollman, who used to be a director of Chealski football club. He and his wife are wanted in America for fraud and tax evasion.
Much the same sort of stuff that Boris Berezhofsky is wanted for in Russia. But uncle Boris is able to walk around Londonistan with his terrorist friends without fear because Russia obeys the rules.
Under American law, it is quite okay to kidnap someone from outside the United States and take them back to the US, no American court can refuse to try them on the grounds that their abduction was illegal.
So George Bush Inc has the right to kidnap and imprison anyone on earth he pleases. Not only that, but he also has the right to have them killed, without charge or trial or in fact any legal procedure. And what is more, he has given his "license to kill" to US agents who can assassinate whoever they wish, without even a "by your leave" from Washington.
So it is with a smile that Russia listens to the criticism from Washington about imagined crackdowns on press and personal freedoms. Because in reality, the biggest Tsar of them all, is George Bush, after all, he has the whole world in which to play.
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