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Whites go belly-up in face of hardship

Unlike some websites, Isidingo publishes all comments from readers as long as they are not useless name-calling or attempts at free advertising.
The same cannot be said of others who tend to weed out comments unless they fit into their preconceived ideas.
Take for example Jan Lamprecht's African Crisis. AC ran a damming report on its own people, that stated at one third of the Afrikaners in South Africa were homeless, unemployable and destitute.
Naturally he blames all of this on South Africa's affirmative actions policies, which supposedly prevent whites from being employed. Of course this is just not true. There are plenty of whites who are employed quite gainfully in South Africa, men and women. But the whining AC would never admit that. They would like you to believe that the people who have not succeeded have failed because of government policy and nothing else.
It's ironic that the chosen volk are suffering this way, under the same circumstances they foisted upon the majority of the population during their rule. But of course, that too, would never be mentioned. Not even from readers' comments.
These are "educated" "multilingual" people who are living in third-world conditions. The article talks about exorbitant rents for shocking accommodation, old folk shivering with no heat in winter and children playing among pigs and chickens.
Well, cry me a river.
Conversely or perhaps perversely, we have the white farmers who are isolated out on their tracts of land - some the size of small countries - whining about how unprotected they are and how they are easy prey for murderous robbers. I can see a few "employment" opportunities right there. Then there is the huge "domestic" labour market. For years white South Africans have employed blacks as servants in their homes, cooking, cleaning, gardening, washing. It's hard to imagine that market has just dried up. But of course we can't expect our multilingual educated volk to do such menial tasks, it's far better that they hang around and look pathetic.
One thing SA is is a land of opportunity for those who remain there. There is nothing to stop these people starting their own businesses, helping their own people. Perhaps they are too educated for that.
It's interesting to note that after world war two there was a huge problem with "poor whites" in South Africa. Now you have to understand that "poor" means "not able to afford a nice house, car and steak for the braai". It doesn't actually mean starving, without water, disease ridden as it does in the rest of the world. So after world war two, with the Nationalists in power, laws were introduced that reserved skilled and managerial jobs for whites only. So even if blacks managed to have the education (let's remember the education for blacks was vastly inferior) they were not allowed to work in various positions. And when blacks and whites were doing equal work, well the whites always took home the fatter pay cheque.
In fact it was right back in 1924 when the Industrial Conciliation Act redefined the term employee to exclude most blacks.
But that wasn't enough for the poor whites, who now had jobs reserved just for them.
In 1952 the Native Labour (Settlement of Disputes) Act (No 48) was changed to exclude all blacks and take away any protection for labour law.
These laws along with land laws that put 80 per cent of South Africans on 20 per cent of the land, ensured a steady supply of cheap labour for the mines.
It was on the backs of these disenfranchised, underpaid blacks that the powerhouse economy of South Africa flourished. This very same economy that the whites will tell you they built.
So all things considered, whites are very lucky in South Africa today. There has not been a complete reversal of fortunes.
What has happened is that the protection that certain people enjoyed under the previous laws is no longer in effect. Business have to have a certain quota of black employees in certain positions. But whites can live where they like, and there are no rules stopping them from opening their own businesses.
This is where the myth of white superiority crunches against the reality of life.
Call me when the first white dies of starvation.
I have always wondered why white liberals such as this blogger have never told us or asked us if we (whites) would have liked it if we had been in the shoes of the black man between 1948 to 1990.

As a white person, I would love the chance to swap places with blacks under apartheid. I would love to have our own "white Bantu" homelands where we could govern ourselves and do our own dishes and our own beds and sweep our own streets and publish our own media and run our own TV Stations as the blacks did in places like the Bop Homeland. I am sure most Afrikaaners would join me on this. I would love to have blacks fork out tons of their tax money to build us the largest hospital in the southern Hemisphere as whites did with Baragwaneth. I would love the chance to live in these white homelands that are heavily subsidized by black tax cash as the black homelands were propped up by white tax money. The blacks in the “new-black-Apartheid" SA are welcome to keep their jobs and leave the menial miner/street sweeper jobs to whites. Of course, blacks will not be able to give us the written language and the wheel, but hey, why bother with the finer details?

Of course, blacks won’t have the right to place any of us on Robbin Island because unlike blacks, we don’t support civilian based terrorism, nor will we stockpile Russian weapons with the intention of blowing up movie theatres and schools in attempt to take over SA “in the name of freedom and democracy”. With our white homelands, we will not murder black farmers not torture their elderly with hot irons. Blacks did all that in the name of freedom. We won’t. Sure, white troops killed black cadres in townships, but that’s what you get when your leader god Mandela declares war on whites and their way of life circa Dec 16 1961.

Okay I am waffling now, but the point is that if the shoe REALLY was on the other foot, and whites REALLY were the victims of Apartheid, we whites would be better off than we are now and blacks would be starving and keeling over much like in “white-free-utopia Zimbabwe. I think blacks and white liberals know this and thus deploy white liberal guilt. Blacks and white liberals know this and would stream over the white Bantu border to come live with “evil whitey”. Blacks and white liberals know very well that we can survive anything as long as we are homogenous.

History has shown that multiracialism is artificial and cannot last. History has shown us that Communists never allow for self determination of a minority without war. Liberals like Inkonkonini, claim that De klerk bought us time, but the reality remains: either we whites will die and waste away or we fight a brutal war. I hate multi racialism, and I am so desperate to get away from it, that I am prepared to eat whatever judgment and punishment, so long as I can get away from this liberal poison called multicultural “peace” which has brought about 2000 dead white rural people and many more in urban places.

Thank you for publishing my waffling
Whitey, you should do what Inkonkoni did and flee. You don't think SHE wants to live with the blacks do you? If she did she would be back in SA, not raking in the cash in Hong Kong where she doesn't even have to see a black if she doesn't want to.
Wake up dude. She shits herself every time she has to go home.
Inkonkoni is not a liberal, not by any means.
Hey, Whitey, did you bastards ask the blacks if THEY would have liked what YOU were going to do to them?
And since when did the nation's tax money become YOUR money? Do you really believe that blacks didn't pay taxes? Think again. Just because YOU excluded them from the labour market and better salaries doesn't mean they did not pay tax. In fact those who were within the tax bracked paid MORE tax than YOU. So how do you figure that one huh?
YOUR people dont' support terrorism? Give me a fucking break here. WHO do you think sent the letter bombs to ANC cadres? Santa Clause? Who do YOU think was poisoning blacks with beer at taxi stops? Who do YOU think put poison in Rev Chikane's underwear and on vehicle door handles?
Tell us all here WHO supported the terrorist Jonas Savimbi for all those years? WHO helped the IFP at Boipatong? WHO has been supporting the terrorist state of Israel?
Maybe you should learn your history before you start whining.
Heh Heh HEEEEh ANON II and there you have it! Inkonkoni can preach all she likes, but she doesn't have to live in South Africa.
Those people at African Crisis are just sooo childish. Specially that woman with the really bad hairstyle, the one holding the gun. She's got a mental age of about 4. You can almost hear her in the schoolyard...neh neh neh neh neeeeeh. And she's a shite journalist too. She probably had some poor bastard copy editor rewriting her trash into readable stuff.
I can understand you had to hang around there for the Plum article but do you still have to? Ugh.
Who would want to be associated with these people. After reading their crap I felt like I needed a bath.
Whitey feel free to go to Bara anytime you get sick, man.
Better still, dial the clock back to before your goverment woke up to the fact that south africans were South Africans and not "them" and "us" and go to King Edward hospital in Durban where you could sleep on the floor because there were no bed.
You really need to get it through your thick fucking skull that you live in Africa. And Africa, my mate, is full of Africans. Go figure. They just happen to live there.
I would love for you to be given your own homelands too, the same ones that had fuck all resources and puppet governments and kept you away from the money and affluence of the rest of the country.
The REALLY scary thing is that all the people who comment here have the right to vote----It's a simple analogy,but introduce democracy to the baboon cage in the zoo, what do you think the chances are of the keeper/feeder/caretaker winning the election???.. Thats Africa in a nutshell.

Limit your sphere of interest to your sphere of influence.In my case thats my family. It makes for a happy me and a harmonious existence. I've finally figured it all out---fuck you Inkolonky/Whitey/Anti Whitey/Uhuru Guru and all the rest, get some ZEN.
I would still like to get away from you filthy blacks... You blacks are a curse to mankind
er... Whitey...we're not black. Well, I know Mashimaro is Chinese. I am not black, and Tsarval is not black.
If you really want to get away, and I can understand that, then leave, boet. There are plenty of other places to go. Why stay where you are obviously not wanted?
Don't you just love that psychotic dude lone wolf? It's like COMMUNIST/DICTATOR every time a socialist gets into power. Love the way he makes Morales and Chavez into dictators. He just can't seem to understand that these are popularly elected leaders of their people.
Hey Andy Pandy, you're an Africa Crisis munchie too hey?
I have to agree with you, Adriana is a shit journo who makes amateur mistakes in her copy. Like she doesn't know the difference between "robbery" and "theft". You'd expect that kind of silly mistake from non jounos like Jan and the psycho lone wolf, but from a supposed reporter it makes you wonder what she was reporting and for whom.
I must say I dig the new style of just putting up the news reports and keeping their stupid fucking comments to themselves.
"Here comes the likes of the communist dictator evo morales" what a joke man. Someone should tell the dude "the likes of" means not that person but someone who is similar to them.
Now I see Adriana has branded our noiks a spy...altogether now... ooooooooooooooooooooh
So Whitey, by your slanted little view of the world, you would have liked to have been treated like the blacks in 1948... Let me see.
Oh yes, moved off your land for a start, to the middle of nowhere. Lost any jobs you might have had except the most menial. Not allowed to live in or near the cities with your family, so your wife and children would be far away. Your wife would probably be cleaning some madam's home, so she would have to live out too. If you're working in the mines you could get to see your family once every three months. Your children would have little or no education unless you could rely on the local catholic mission. Terrible thing if you don't want to be a catholic. If something happened to your children, or if your wife had difficulty giving birth, say, well then she would die. Just as the rest of the family would die if they caught TB, dysentary, cholera or any other things like that. Of course when they went to get water from the stream they could end up being eaten by a crocodile, but who cares, right? That's just nature.
Don't think you'd have doctors and nurses and clinics or anything like that. Hey, maybe you're a farming family that is lucky enough to live on one of the rich white farms. In which case your family would get a bag of mealie meal and a few pence a month. The farmer can pay you nothingn if he wishes because you happen to live on what is now HIS land. If he wants to he can rape your wife and daughters, and beat your children to death and there is nothing you can do about it. If your children want to learn to read and write they have to work on his farm when he says so, otherwise he'll just shut down the school. And you can't move anywhere else unless he signs your dompass, so basically you have to take whatever he dishes out. You think your kids are going to college on the pittance you earn? Think again mate. By the time they are 12 they'll be employed full time on the farm so that they can earn their bag of mealie meal and R10 a month. And when they're hurt or injured the farmer may or may not give them the day off to allow them to walk the 30 or so kilometres to town to wait all day to see one kindly doctor who can't really do too much.
Let's say you are out in the homelands, where your government is put in place by the black government of south africa and so they're not really interested in doing anything to help your people. They're just there for the fat salaries. While you're there, you can farm if you like. Bad luck if you're not a farmer. And of course all the wealth and infrastructure of the nation are kept away from you. So you still have to go work in those mines.
Let's remember that the homelands were the least economically active areas of the entire country. And let's also remember that most of the homeland's citizens never actually lived there. So theoretically let's say your homeland could be ohhhh... the Ciskei. Have that. Go live there. Don't bug us.
But if your leaders do something we don't like, we'll just take them down. So if they actually try to improve things for you, they're done for. In fact, we'll just install our own leaders right through your homelands so if you want anything, from land to drinking water, you be a good boy, and your wife should be a good girl.
Oh Yeah, and if you have a viable farm going but it's in an area we want... well you just get up and move again.
Let's say you're a businessman, you've got a little shop in downtown Johannesburg. Well, screw you mate. You're white. You can't run a business in a black town. Off you go to the Ciskei.
Let's also remember that the amount of money the black government is going to spend on your kid's education will be a tenth of what it spends on a black kid's education. Let's remember the words of the great Verwoed "When I have control of native education, I will reform it so that the natives will be taught from childhood to realize that equality with Europeans is not for them."
About those taxes you think are yours... let's remember that blacks earning R300 or more a month paid taxes. But at the same time whites only paid tax if they were earning R750 rand a month.
Oh and to keep this segreation going, the black government can expand its employment so that about three million blacks are earning money solely to keep you away from the good jobs and public toilets.
Poor Whitey, you scared him off. It doesn't take much these days.
I expect noiks will come up with an OH ME OH MY story about Jacob Zuma.
I like that analysis put out by Joan on AC, saying it was the Zulus taking control.
I think Jan's was way off the mark. You could almost see him dancing up and down with glee. The pratt.
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