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Communism vs the World

There are two kinds of Communism, there is the ideal and then there is the reality. And sadly the two are not the same thing. There is Xtreme Communism and Communism lite, which we call socialism. It is often that people who denigrate Communism only seem to look at the X-Communism and hold up its faults as a reason to fight against the whole system and eradicate it from the earth. But they conveniently forget the follies of capitalism and royalism and turn a blind eye to the misery those two systems have wrought. They also fail to look at communist countries in context of the unbridled interference of capitalist countries, as I pointed out in the Cuban story.
The ideal of communism is equality of all men. Underpinning this is the idea of "to each according to his needs, from each according to his abilities".
This is a noble and worthy ideal which scares many capitalists for the simple reason that they are greedy. They don't like the idea of a janitor earning as much as a doctor. Why? Simply because they want material things, better cars, bigger televisions, they are greedy. They will argue that if the doctor has no better pay than the janitor, no one would aspire to being a doctor. This is simply not true. (I haven't seen any video games out there that allows you to "be the janitor" and for good reason.) And, in fact, I would argue is exactly the opposite of the reality. Few people, when choosing a career, decide on that career based on what they are going to earn. They choose a path that follows their interests.
But for a vast majority of people, not all the paths are open - in the capitalist world where education is for the rich. How can a peasant farmer become an astronaut in a capitalist society? Simple answer is he can't, not unless he's some outrageous genius who gets lucky and gets noticed. So those people who really want to become doctors, who have the dedication and interest and drive to become doctors, will do so in a communist society because they have access to the education. These are the people who will put their patient before their bank balance, and that is the kind of doctor I would prefer to go to. And it is the same for any career. In a communist society people have far more choice becase access to each career path is more accessible. They also have far more choice because they know that whatever career path they choose they will still be able to have wife and children and raise a family, along with getting a reasonable standard of living, healthcare and education.

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For God's sake, Inkonkoni, are you insane? Do you really think we are all equal or should be all equal in the name of some unrealistic political doctrine? Why must a lazy fucker benefit eternally from the efforts of a dedicated person? Thanks to the communist ideals, you hold up, there are millions of parasites living off the industrious people. And yes unfortunately there are some greedy capitalists but there are many capitalists that have allowed advancement thanks to their outstanding talents and dynamism and that’s why, today, you and your buddy Tzarval (the big red businessman??!!??) can run a blog on the Internet, thanks to the foresight of these capitalists certainly not thanks to some janitor who doesn’t have a purpose in life.
That’s why I hate communism, because it wants to reward freeloaders, indolent people and uninterested thugs at the expense of committed people (not necessarily high earning doctors) by putting everybody on the same level. And please don’t bullshit me with the capitalist world where education is for the rich. How can a peasant farmer become an astronaut in a capitalist society?. I live in a capitalist world and everybody, rich or poor, that has the determination to improve himself or herself can go all the way. It is because of the principles of equality like yours that universities and workplaces are full of apathetic pieces of shit that use the communist logic to earn undeserved rewards!

To think that I believed in communism… how insane!
I wonder if the big red businessman pays his workers what he pays himself.
Whatever in this world system we have, we will always have people who are lazy and do not want to work. Weather this is the rich people like Paris Hilton or the people like anonymous's work fellows it make no difference. In the end Communism is there to help everyone. If you have no love for your job then you are sad. But many many western capitalist workers do not have love for their job. Do you think the man who cuts a sheep's wool is excited about his job every day? No. But every nation has its old people and its weak people and these are the people who must to be protected. Capitalism does not do this. Also I do not believe anonymous when she says that poor people in capitalist society can do anything they want to. This is just not true. You have not seen poverty, my friend, unless you have seen a man catch a rat to feed to his family. What chance does he have in your capitalist society? In communism his children are educated, he is fed and housed and has medical care. Out there in capitalism he has nothing.
You say that all these things that we have today we have because of capitalism? Bullshit. Let us remember who made it into space first.
Communism was great for my family. It sent my father to university. His father was a sheep herder in Mongolia. His family were very very poor. If there was drought or bad winter time the children and old people would die. My father is a geologist. He trained in Moscow and worked in the gold mines in Mongolia. I had school and food, but my family would not live in the homes the communists gave us. Now I am a Chinese/Russian/Mongolian/English translator. I live in Hong Kong and have a great life. My life is so far away from my great grandmother who had to scrape skins on her knees and make her fingers bleed when she made felt. Communism is not only about supporting the weak, it is also about supporting the future and giving people a better life.
On and by the way, anonymous, there are no lazy Mongolians.
Communism raped my country and split us from our European brothers. It sucked us dry of any industries and wealth that we had and punished our people.
I hope you bastards die.
Good one Mashy!
Daughter of the wolf:
I suppose you'll have a great life until 2047. Just wait until your commie chinese friends take over Hong Kong completely... you might wanna find a new home...
the bear said:
You have not seen poverty, my friend, unless you have seen a man catch a rat to feed to his family...

I have seen poverty, my friend, and you know where?? Not in a capitalist society but in many countries where communism has taken over. Communism does not create wealth, it destroys wealth. Communism creates zombies not individuals...
Old and weak are looked after in capitalist societies...
"Poor people" have definitively got much more opportunities in a capitalist society rather than a communist one...
Why do millions of citizens of communist countries flock to capitalist countries and not the other way around??
makes you wonder doesn't it??
I don't recognise your capitalist society and its lack of educational opportunities.

All the Western democracies are basically capitalist, but have universal free education.

Anyway, what's "communism"? Marxism? Maoism? Any centrally planned economy? A nation with a red flag?
I really wish you "capitalists" would have the imagination to give yourselves handles when you make your replies here. Seems the commies aren't the ones who are zombies after all.
Well, Anonymous, China already owns the United States and I haven't seen many changes going on there, have you? Same in Taiwan. Take a look the results of the next island election and wake up.
The commies have won, you can go home now.
Anonymous - who doesn't have the brains to think up a nickname for himself, says I have seen poverty, my friend, and you know where?? Not in a capitalist society but in many countries where communism has taken over. Communism does not create wealth, it destroys wealth. Communism creates zombies not individuals...
I guess you haven't been to India then, or Bhutan, Sri Lanka, Pakistan, most of South America, heavens, even most of Africa.
I would seriously dispute that Communism creates zombies. Look at the mighty American society, all it can think about is rap, drugs and money. Things are not much more different in Europe. Talk to students in Beijing and students in New York and I can tell you there is a vast difference. Having taught in England and in China and Vietnam I'd say give me communism ANY DAY. The children are respectful and eager to learn. Techers can actually teach. They are respected members of society. They are not terrified to go to school where they risk being gunned down by maniacs or spat on by students. They're not all puffed up with their own imagined self worth but humble and genuinely interested in improving themseles. They have not been suckered into believing that all they need is an "angle" to make it "big". If there are zombies in the world it's those that mindlessly work each day to pay off their credit cards so they can have the latest "bling" instead of building genuine and caring core values in their societies.
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