Saturday, January 19, 2008


Game Over for US

So da bubble's finally burst for the US. You can tell how bad things are when you walk into like Armani and da only peoples buying is like da gangsta - euro trash, or my homies. It looks like da Americans have finally learned that ya can't be living on credit for all yours life and dat it's a freaking stupid thing to mortgage ya house to pay for the plastic man. It seems dat's what's been happening. Talk about a country sucking up da happy gas.
Now dat China officialy owns America here are a few tings dat should happen.
First off, put your children in school and make em freaking learn ta read and write. A bit of geography, some history and some dress sense would be good too.
Second, ban American idol and execute Simon Scowl, Poora Abdullah and Randy Jackoff in Tienaman scare.
Third, expense accounts have all been cancelled and yous are now gonna work like da brothers to get anywhere.
Fourth, learn to use chopsticks, it's two pieces of wood, how freaking hard can it be?
Fifth, Da screechy Star Spangled Banner is gone. Yous all better learn Arise! All who refuse to be slaves! in Chinese, dudes.
Altogether now Qilái! Búyuàn zuò núlì de rénmen ...

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You've either never been to America, or you've never been there with your eyes open. I suspect the former.
Ha ha ha he probably lives in some backwater village in China.
I lives in Hong Kong, dude. An I saw you dere last night wit noiks.
And yes Claire, I've been to da States. Full of fat, dumb, whiny slaves of capitalism - "gimme gimme gimme it's my RIGHT". Yous can see them all toiling away to pay off theirs plastic, too stupid to understand dey are being milked cos of theirs own stupidity an greed, theirs own ideas dat dey HAVE TO HAVE da latest, da best, da hottest da biggest instead of just being able to be happy with da basics la.
Den deres those what think certain work is beneath dem so dey would rather sit at home and get more debts, an let da imigrunts do da work an export more money home.
So just like China then, Mashi? When you were in the US did you see any child labour or any handicapped people forced into working in kilns then?
Hey mashie

what's your take on the blacks? I mean the african ones...
Have you seen how Mugabe and his buddies turned the basket of africa in a basket case?
And now Mr. Mbeki and his "gimme gimme gimme it's my RIGHT" buddies are doing the same to South Africa?
We won't even talk about the rest of africa....
dat's a low blow buggie. Yous all know dats not da government.
Amadeus, I think da blacks are in for da shock of der lives, man.
Yous all think Mugabe is a fool. He's not. He's making way for China. At home we dun like the blacks, too loud, too dirty la.
Amadeus, what would you think of someone who moved to Beijing and complained about the Chinese, or moved to India and complained about the Indians?
Mashi, why is it your government's fault that this horrific stuff happens but when the Americans do it, it's the American's fault?
Amadeus: If you whites had treated the black differently you would not have the problems that you have today. Your forefathers made the bed you're lying in now. It is an historical inevitability that they would take revenge. It has happened all through history, why should it be any different in Africa?
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