Tuesday, January 29, 2008


Glen Beck, Capitalist facsist

Glen Beck from CNN sez dat Stalin killed something like 160 million people. Maybe he sez, like da yankees like to do, "he kiled his OWN people". It doesn't matter me. What does matter me is dat he sez dis when he talks of Hillary Clinton's idea of pulling back American bizniz, like she's a commie facist. So his idea is that commies kilt loads of people. I tink da gangsta Tzar Valerie is not shooting his mouth about dis. My question to Mr Beck is how many people has America killed to stay capitalist?
And I aint no commie neither but his words are unfair. When I tink about China, I can see how many people were killed by da commies. But also I did my history and so I know dat many more people died before da commies come in, and loads are being killed now.

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Why dont you get a spellchecker, or is posturing imbecile your adopted persona?
Attila - he's a big mouth lice eater.
Mashi, you can't pit communism against the whole history of mankind.
Bruddahs, when yous can write in Chinese like I can write in inglish den you come talk to me, eh?
Lebed, I will have to ask inkonkoni if that comment can remain.
Lebed, dat's not Chinese nor even Pinyin. Also my momma is dead so your offer would make you a necrophiliac beastial homosexual. And da last bit is a phyical impossiblity cos my eye stalks wouldn't reach my ass.
Hey Mashi, fuck off and go dig some snow man. Or go dig more coal. Whatever, just DIG
Yeah Mashi, you guys should have gone for the WINTER Olympics
Pussies... Is that the sound of the Glorious People's Republic falling apart?
Poor widdle bunny
LEBED: Wha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ah ha ha ha... you had me crying with laughter. That is soooo good. I must write that down...eyes up his ass... In Mongolia we say that we will wipe our ass with someone's liver.
Keep it clean boys n girls
Hey Mashi go make a rabbit skin hat.
^5 Generals Subodai, Kentai. Nice to see another members of the wolf pack, awoooooooooooh
Sanbayo, Daughter, Subodai.
Daughter are you in Hong Kong? Where do you live?
Kentai, I am in Kong Kong, Shek O.

Hey, look at this I found

How to know you're Mongolian:

10. When temperatures drop to minus four you kick your kids outside - naked.
9. Your home is a piece of felt over a few sticks COS YOU LIKE IT THAT WAY.
8. One word - sheep
7. You don't think that having your tea with salt is strange
6. You can kick start your horse.
5. You celebrate two new years - Nadaam and the other one.
4. Mutton - it's what's for dinner, lunch, breakfast
3. You use your baby sister's teddy bear to catch a taimen and give it back to her wet.
2. Nine nines of winter.
1. Khozhijlo!
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