Friday, January 18, 2008


Is this thing on?


tap tap tap

can anyone hear me?
Arrrrgh kill da bunny
Hello Mashi, use this wisely please.
hey mashie
I see you joined the commies...

if you can't beat them ...

please go easy on the tzarval
No way dude. I'd never joint da scummunists. I'm just Chinese and proud of it. You know what dey says - What's da shortest joke in da world? Communism.
And yous know I'd never go easy on da gangsta. I bets he's shakin in his jack boots er sorry John Lobb boots - right now.
Oh dear God. What does the mad bunny have to say? And why does he sound like he comes from New York?
How do you know what kind of shoes the tsar wears? Are you gay?
Wolf bitch, cos dis bunny knows good shoes.
June Bug...I dun sound like I come from New York.
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