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Let Kenya burn

Watching the news about Kenya makes me wonder about the past and the future of Africa. I remember when the whites were in control and bright-eyed blacks begged for help to secure a better future for themselves. They pointed to the slums and poverty and unfair laws and said all that would change under their government.
Well, it has not. The biggest slum in Africa is in Kenya, a country that has had independence for a long time. It seems they are no closer to solving their issues than they were under British rule. They have not moved forwards in the way they would if they were run by whites.
Looking at Asia and Africa, Asia has suffered worse wars more recently. It too was used as a chessboard for proxy war by the US. Yet most of it is recovering well. Africa, however has not.
Now a disagreement over polls in Kenya has the country falling apart. The African Union has its hands in its pockets. Sooner or later those affected by this meltdown will come to the west with outstretched hands.
Let them burn, I say. Che was right when he pulled out.
People communist and capitalist died for Africa, and all to no avail. The only thing that could help the continent would be further colonisation. It is patently obvious that it is unnable to get itself out of the mess and will not managed to do that for decades to come.
and what about the innocents that will die? Do we just turn a blind eye to them? What about the overspill of refugees that will cause neighbouring countries to collapse in chaos? We swore after WWII that it would NEVER happen again. We stood by and watched Rwanda happen. Do you imegaine that we should just let Kenya "happen"
That was the point of the post, June.
spot on, buddy! blacks are self destructive, let them get their own way. Once they have completely destroyed their contintent China will come to the "rescue" and sure thing, the chinese will not make the same mistakes the white colonialists made. You know what I mean.
Yep Amadeus. I'm just sorry Russia didn't stick with it and had that whole meltdown. That place is paradise, it needs a better keeper.
That's just ridiculous. Colonialism brings its own problems. It solves nothing and as you said yourself, it's an historical inevitability that those downtrodden will rise up and throw off the yoke. All empires have crumbled and it seems today that empires don't last as long as those that have gone before. So China might go in there for 50 years or so and where will that leave Africa, and Europe?
I'm with the Tsar on this one. Weak nations get taken over. It's also a historic invevitablity, June. It's like a newborn horse. It needs its mother to survive. Weak nations need a stronger nation to survive. Otherwise they are too weak and fall. That is what happened in Africa. With no support from a stronger nation, the whole continant fall apart.
A lot of the problem in this world is because stronger nation support weaker nation. This is not natural. You don't see the tiger helping the sheep to beat a tiger on the head do you? Why do you think that you can do this with people? Nature says that the weakest die, the old die, the sick die. Why do you want to keep them alive?
This is the same with Africa. These people are weak and the big mistake the colonial people made was to not kill enough of them.
Yes, fuck off out of Africa. We don't want you. We don't need you. Vat jou goed en trek.
You are right, the Chinese will not make the same mistake as colonialists because we are not colonialists we are communists. We have a better plan and under us Africa will grow and flourish. Pity about the people though *grin*
Well June Bug what do you suggest we do???
Hmmm--What does Inklonkie think about this? I happen to agree with you, and lets face it - the colonised African nations were all better off. They just could'nt vote. So what--the most capable people under colonization have allways managed to rise to the top, despite this so called oppression (the oppression that built them hospitals, schools an infrastructure that NONE of them have maintained). As one commentator said, nature is being perverted by allowing the weak and stupid to breed the rest of us into obscurity.--I'm tempted to go one further than Tsarval. Lets be a bit more proactive with the burning ;-)
A black couple are sitting in their apartment waiting to die. There
are no jobs, inflation is running at 5000 percent, they haven't eaten a
decent meal in weeks, and the water and power haven't worked in months.
So they sit huddled under blankets waiting for the end when suddenly
they hear the water pipes begin to rumble and eventually water starts
pouring out of the long unused taps. Next the light begins to flicker
and then fill the apartment with bright light. On the streets below a
truck arrives handing out grain.

The husband looks at his wife and says, "Quick woman, bring me my panga (machete). The whites are back!"
Attila, I don't know what country you lived in when you say "the blacks just couldn't vote" but it sure as heck was not South Africa. They lost around 80 per cent of the land. They were not allowed to own businesses. They were excluded from certain jobs. They were not allowed to marry who they pleased - as were whites. They were barred from public places, given minimal infrastructure and sub-standard education and medial care. This was changed slightly when the independant states were brought into action, where South African citizens were disenfranchised in their own country and told to move out and live under a puppet regime set in place by Pretoria. Let's also remember the dompass system, the farm labour system that allowed blacks to be abused by white farmers, the system that split up families, put women at the mercy of the white baas, and the unbalanced sense of law. No, Attila, it was not just "they couldn't vote".
However, about Kenya, I agree with Val, shut the door and walk away.
I'll agree to disagree with you.
Just one point - South African blacks had better education, healthcare than any of their brethren "up north"--(they had none before the "white man " arrived). Life expectancy for black SA's was higher than any other black people in Africa. Would you not say that was preferable to what they have now?
Yes, Attila, and dolphins kept in captivity can have a higher life exptectancy than those out in the wild. What is your point? That dolphins should be happy about being kept in an aquarium and perform better tricks? Generally speaking they were better off unless they had a brain or ambition. Then they were screwed. The very thing the boere rag on them about - dumb, lazy - is the position into which they were forced.
I think it always happens after the revolution, that there is a lot of discomfort, specially from the formerly advantaged people. Naturally they see their "high standard" of living disappearing and it worries them. Ideally what should be happening is that the standard evens out or the gap between the have-alls and the have-nothings evens out.
Often this does not happen, however, because people who have been kept from education or given minimal education or have foresaken education in favour of the revolution are those very people who become agents of the government as a reward for their sacrifice. But a good freedom fighter doesn't make a good minister of health. It would take a few generations for that to be sorted out.
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