Friday, February 01, 2008


Romney, McCain debate, other two just watch

It's almost da mighty SOOPER TOOSDAY when loads of yankees will head to da caucases. Kind of like a stampede by sedated sheeps. So I watches da CNN debate lead by der weepy Andersen Cooper. All da candidates for de GOP were dere. Romney, Huckabee, McCain and Paul. But Romney an McCain got to really take up most of da time wid der lil bitch fights. Let us face it. Cooper can't organise a tea party for school children. Da only man in the whole room talking any sense was the guy wid the funny eyebrows, Ron Paul. But no one talked to him, Cooper kept da focus all on er udda dudes. Looks like da war will just go on.
Could that be because they are the two the public like the most?
Medved, he said that in the Republican tv debate the interviewer Anderson Cooper focussed most time on McCain and Romney while Huckabee and Ron Paul were left out in the cold. I like this idea because it means the dumb ass Americans will not vote for Ron Paul because they know so little about him.
Who cares who runs the US now that Bush had run it into the ground?
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