Wednesday, January 02, 2008


Russian/Indian missile venture buys new plant

BrahMos, the Russian Indian joint venture as bought a manufacturing plant in Kerala to double production of its supersonic cruise missiles. The new acquisition will bring its production to 50 a year.
The BrahMos (PJ-10) missile is made by BrahMos Aerospace which was established in 1998 and supplies land and sea missiles to the Indian Army and Navy. It is a derivative of the Russian Yakhont and is made in conjunction with NPO Mashinostroyenia
The Brahmos missile itself has a range of 300km and can carry a conventional warhead with a topweight of 660lbs. It can cruise at ultra-low altitude and at a speed of Mach 2.8 is three times faster than the US Tomahawk. This is what distinguishes it from other cruise missiles. It is unmatched in speed which imparts a greater strike-power. It is highly accurate and has an onboard computer guidance system. It also has stealth capabilities.
While at the moment it only carries conventional warheads it can carry nuclear warheads and will be an intergral part of India's nuclear weapons' delivery system.

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Who died and made you the missile reporter? Why don't you give us your insight into Putin's ring of steel... or is that cos you're part of it?
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