Monday, February 18, 2008


We don care bout Africa

So if it not Aussies telling us off for hunting dolphins n wales, it's da yankees who are telling us off for...forr? For what man?
Da reason we so late on talking 'bout this is cos no one in China even knew da jew had had his lil screaming match bout Darfur. heh heh heee. Da western press was all over da story like flies on shit but at da end of da day all dem merican atletes'll be here looking for gold on baat baat ling baat. An no one in china cares la!
Yous really tink we should give up our money in Sudan? Time to cash your reality check mista Spielburger. Take a look at China itself. We make lil kiddies work in firework factories till deys can no longer stand. One kiddie can put 36,000 fuses in fire crackers in one day. Yeah we make our kiddies pay wid explosive. We send men down mines an let em get kilt. We make our mental peoples work in kilns to make brick and sic dogs on dem when dey try to run away. We take lil ole ladies an put em in prison camps an kil dem too and den sell der kidneys an eyes and even der skin, dude. An you wan da Chinese to care 'bout what's going on in Africa?
We don care who kilt who der as long as dey gives us da money, and da gold, and da diamonds, and da oil. We don care how dey get kilt. We don care what dey eat or if dey eat. We don care if dey got disease. We don even care if dey got water. We don even care if we care.
What da fuck you wan us to do? You wan us to send troops? We done dat! You wan us to go bomb dem? Don be fucking nuts man. We go bomb someone and den da yankees come bom us. 'sides we got no planes to be doing dat kind a shit.
Trut is dis. China needs all China can get. We still got TB an polio, dude. POLIO. We got no water and now we in shit street 'bout da food too. We got 1.3 billion fucking mouths to feed. We need one motherfucking farm for dat. Africa is dat farm.
So we will do wat we need to do to get what we need to get, and yous can shut up or leave.

""catch da clu Jew" - gotta love that, wish I'd thought of it. The shitstorm is really brewing and most peeps are focusing on all kinds of irrelevant shit. I said it a long time ago--Africa should be cleansed and used as a global resource. Put the monkeys in cages or make them work. ;-). By the way – check this link to see the amount of energy a retard is prepared to waste in spitting a dummy.
“The Enemy”. Being the enemy of an undeclared asymmetrical war, with our assets being stripped away, our culture and heritage vandalised,"

Awful, isn't it?
Screw Africa, I'm waiting for GK on History...anyone else watching?
Me! Me! Me! Counting down the minutes, Kentai.
Have you read LOTB yet? It is so good it made me cry.
" illegitimate Marxist regime"

I do believe it was democratically elected.
"I find myself pacing, thinking, and anguishing with clenched fists & gritted teeth over the terrible fate which has befallen us Whites in this septic Azanian hellhole."

er... terrible...tsk tsk tsk. I think it's pretty much what people like Mandela felt, hmmm?

"Having dabbled in online activism over the past eleven years, I’ve personally witnessed entrapment & imprisonment of several people I acquainted in online chat rooms and mailing lists. I’ve seen a handful of people die mysteriously, two of whom I know were quite literally assassinated by what can only be ANC-ordained einzatsgruppen. Just last year, an acquaintance who loudly & vocally declared his status as “declared enemy of the state” was shot in the head in mysterious circumstances. He survived the rather strange attack at his Melville home, where nothing was stolen. Suffice to say that his brave but downright stupid utterances against the state, all published under his own name (with his phone number listed in the telephone directory) eventually caused him tremendous harm. He now fears (justifiably) for his life and has effectively been gagged."

Oh dear dear dear... it does seem the worm has turned hmm?

and the rest of the rant is a sheer waste of time, I'm afraid.
Sainbynoo. Why we meet here?
I have to agree with JB here, attilla, two moron anti communists having a pissing match is not my idea of good things to read. But I understood your point. This two people are just cutting off each others balls in front of everyone instead of using their brains to work together.
Mashi are you proudly telling us China is a child slavery heaven where dissidents are tortured and executed by officials who have no conscience?
I thought you were chinese.
@ tzarval

it is Attila and not attilla!

tsk tsk tsk...bit of respect please!

how would you like to be called a rusian?
Mashi, just for you...

An Italian, an Irishman & a Chinese man are hired to work on a construction site. On the first day the foreman points to a huge pile of sand & says to the Italian," You're in charge of sweeping." To the Irishman he says, "You're in charge of shovelling." To the Chinese man he says, "You're in charge of supplies."He tells them that he has to go somewhere & when he returns 2 hours later he finds the huge pile of sand untouched."Why didn't you sweep any of it?" he asks the Italian. The Italian replies in a heavy accent," I no gotta broom, an you tella me dat da Chinese'a guy supposa bringa da supplies but he disappear & I no finda him".The foreman then turns to the Irishman & asks why he didn't shovel. "Aye, well I couldn't get meself a shovel. Ye left the Chinese fella in charge of supplies but I couldna find him".The foreman is furious & storms off looking for the Chinese fellow. He can't find him anywhere & is getting angrier by the minute. Suddenly the Chinese man jumps out from behind the pile of sand & yells, "Supplies "
Sorry Attila, no disrespect intended. Sometimes we type in strange places.
Amadeus...great joke.
Attila, hon, what's happening on WSAS and AFC is predictable when you're dealing with those sorts of people. It's quite shameful really. When I commented a few times on AFC that alleged journalist from the netherlands decided I was a commie spy. I wonder what might have clued her in to that. Sadly though, she thought I was in the employ of China. Nowadays they don't publish anything I write to them so when they really tick me off I write on here. I saw Jan's rant on AFC. The words wit kaffir spring to mind.
Hey Mongols! What happened to GK the other night? Sat and waited for it for hours and no show.
@ the whities

oh and by the way, attila, we don't call blacks "monkeys" on this blog. Or anything else for that matter.
@ machette

You see? Africa belongs to whities too!

You just shot yourself in the foot, idiot.

attilathehun: comment deleted
No your ideas that you somehow came from a "better breed" of genes have just been proved wrong. Your ancestors left Africa because they were too weak to survive there. Not much has changed. You need to take lessons from you ancestors and get out or die.
@ machette

you don't get it, do you?
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