Saturday, February 09, 2008


Eating at the banquet of paranoia

Just for fun, as business has become almost non-existant this week in Asia, I decided to trawl sites on the net, like Rense and The Ugly Truth and such. It struck me that Americans love to feel threatened. I know not all of them are reading this crap - and believe me it is crap, but those who do all nod along like daisies in chorus to ideas of a "new world order" the jewish, CIA, FBI, communist, banker, feminist, reptilian alien uber government that wants to destory "The American Way of Life".
The mention of one of these people gets Noiks frothing at the mouth. He calls himself Dr Henry Makow. I think he should be "Dr Wacko". Here is a man - and I use the term very loosely - who only ever does it in the missionary position. He believes that homosexuals and feminists are destroying the world and are definitely "out to get" good, wholesome, decent Americans. THEY have emasculated men, he rages. Feminism is a communist cult.
I think he believes this because under communism women were liberated, with the idea of equality for all. In the Soviet Union women had fought alongside men to protect Rodinya against the facists. Many of them died. Today women still serve in the armed forces in key positions and across all disciplines.
The difference here is that Russian men have not allowed themselves to be emasculated. They have not surrendered and slunk off into the corner to whine about it and blame "THEM". They don't mind working with women and welcome them for their ability and competence. Russian men don't fear that women will take their jobs, they get their jobs on their abilities, not through some strange job reservation project.
We know these people frown on equal rights for women and gays, Wakow actually puts up Muslims as being the people to follow. I am not joking.
The writer of the blog Ugly Truth has this to say . . . "He points to the resources the NWO forces have devoted to painting Muslim women as oppressed by their male-dominated societies: ‘Look at all the attention paid to the burkha and headscarf while failing to show the low rates of divorce and out-of-wedlock children in the Middle East.’ he says. ‘They see the success they have achieved in the West by confusing the roles of women and men and are repeating it in the present ‘war on terror’."

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Not all Muslims are bad. You can't say that.
I don't say that. But when you have a nation known for its kidnapping and buggery of young boys, for killing women who they think might dishonor them in the future, and someone says these are good people.. they deserve a kick in the crotch.
Tsar, that's a very sweeping statement. Like saying all Russian men are alcoholic misogynists. It's simply not true. You seem to be a caring person. How would you like to be painted with that brush?It's very immature to say that because a person is of one religious group they are inherently evil. I might point out to you that Russian Orthodox are not squeaky clean.
Here's a dude dat's got some serious issues. Maybe he got a really really tiny dick.
He's quite boring I must say. Once you read one of his articles you have read them all. He has one tune and can't think beyond that.
I am not sure he has the intrests of women at heart.
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