Sunday, February 03, 2008


I**q is da four letter word

Innit amazing dat de Amerikans all say dey against da Iraqi war. Dat dey all wanna pull out and stuff. I wonder why dat is. Maybe because deys losing. Maybe because loads of Amerkian boys n girls are getting wounded and kilt. Who knows. It's not becos dey tink it's wrong.
But yous can see now dat dey don really mean it. Dey just wana make all da right noises for da peeps overseas.
If dey did mean it, den folks like Ron Paul and Denis Kunich would be front runners in da political olympics. But deys aren't even close.
Dey whine about da oil prices but check out da companies' profits, dudes. Dat is just wicked.
But let da Russians wanna put up da prices of gas going to like da Ukraine and den der's trouble. Da American support da stuff dey whine about. And dat dey shout about democracy to everyone means dat dey should take more responsibility for what dey vote for.
You're right on this. That's the thing with democracy, you vote for the government you want, and you should be held responsible for the decisions of that goverment.
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