Tuesday, February 12, 2008


Killing dolphins n whales is our business

Now the Aussies are telling us what to do, wit some US backing of course. Oh boo hoo hoo don't kill da whales, we wuvs them. Yous can't kilt da dolphins, dey's soooo cuuuuuute.
Back off man!
We don go to your home and tell yous what to eat. What makes yous think yous can come to my home an tell me what to eat? Dat's just cultural biggotry man. We don take der animals dat are endagered. So why's CNN doing DOLPHIN SLAUGHTER IN JAPAN, and why's Aussies photographing whaling ships in international waters and making a big fuss about it.
I got some photos dey might like to see, like on how dey slaughter der cows. Cos cows, man, dey're good people. Yous ever spend time wid cows? Dey's got family and emotions and intelligence. Yous think killing a cow is A okay but yous are gonna tell us we can't kill dolphins?
How would yous feel if da Japanese and da Chinese came an screamed an yelled outside your slaughter houses? Yous'd all be like "What the fuck???" "Get the fuck outta Australia man!"
So dat's how I feel.

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hey Mashi
have you been smoking your socks lately, bud?
What are you on about?
Plus I thought you were a Chinese not a Jap.
Mashi I try not to hate people but you're making it very difficult.
Mashi's a wannabe Mongol
It dun matter what I am. I'm jus sick of da peoples who tink dey can tell us what to do cos dey got a white skin. Man yous have gotta get over yourselves. Your time is gone. Yous don make the da rules no more, capice?
Yous got no rights to go into peoples homes and look on der plates.
An as for you barbarian bitch, jus remember too thing. Yous Mongols cuddn't keep jack. All yous ever had yous stole from everyone else, even China. An yous still got slapped down in a very short time. So take your stinky sheep shagging people and fuck off.

you are getting the best out of june bug...
hey Mashi

check this out...
The Taklamakan Mummies

Interesting, huh?
What amadeus, dees peeps were prolly coming to try tell da Chinese what to eat man. Da fools were prolly lost and got kilt for it.
Mashi, you still weeping over the Mongols? Get over this man.
But I must agree with you. What peoples eat is no one else's business.
Amadeus, that is interesting about the mummy. Asia had change so much because of Genghis Khan that any of that kind of celtic blood would have been washed out a long time ago. Even little Mashi here might trace his father tree back to the khan. So he might hate us but be one of us - in a long way around.
I dont like that Amadeus. It says these people probably brought horses and the timing is about right. But we like to be the people of the horse.
And Mashi is a non-rider.
Trace my roots to da biggest rapist/genocidal maniac of the millenium? I dun tink so.
You wan call me a non-rider? Most you peeps can even write. It took da Russkis an my peeps to do dat for you an drag yous into da 21st sentury.
Interesting thing on the mummies, AS. I wonder how they know they are Celts? There used to be a whole race of horsemen around there that were blond and red haired.
The Taklamakan Mummies...

I recall having seen a program on either Nat. Geo. or Discovery about some archeologist woman doind some work in that area, looking for the fabled "Amazons' of Greek mythology.

Could be a link.
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