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Okay Wolf boys, people of the horse, whatever you like to imagine yourselfs to be thisdays. This is just for you... your mighty GK... in Russian.


Movie looks good but pure fantasy, not so? Why are Mongol chicks so hot and you boys so mugly?
Yeah, they are mucking fugly. Are you going to translate it for me?
No way this dude is a Mongolian. No way man. That's euro blood he's got going on with that nose and eyes.
He's bui neh moh, laaah. yep yep yep.
He's delightful. Who is he?
@ Tsar, how many male beauty salons do think in Ulan Bataar? None! You ever cut your hair with sheep clippers and wear mutton fat on your face to stop it from freeze?
We're no like you western/Chinese boys with the face creams and hair dressers and nail people to do you nails. We're men not lady-boys.
I thought Cuba was a prime example of a successful communist dictatorship


Inkonkoni, I know what you are going to say: it is the Yanks fault!

Tzarval, buddy, don't take it the wrong way...
No probs amadeus, but your link doesn't work.
That's no Mongol. He is tatar - whiteman. You can tell by that big hook on his face. You are right, if he is supposed to be Mongol it is bad joke.
Scuse moi, but why can some peeps not get called monkeys and udda peeps get called lice eaters?
@ tzarval

Try highlighting an extra line past the link, copy and paste...

should work

otherwise try clicking on the link below

Cuba After Fidel
His name is Bryan Tatum. An American. With a middle name Isaac.
This post is becoming a bit of an eclectic mix of ideas.
@Amadeus... Firstly this is of course a purely capitalist account of what's going on in Cuba. So naturally it will be spun to make communism look bad. You can see this simply by the fact that it doesn't mention Cuba's global medical system and universal education system.
If you had to take a look at any American country south of the US you'd find pretty much the same sort of thing, with the rider that THOSE countries - well most of them - have not been actively sabotaged for 45 years. Those countries can trade their goods with their neighbours, etc etc etc.
Also you will note that a lot of this crisis has come about after the fall of the soviet union.
Now I'm sure that Tsar will back me on this but that relationship was an uneasy one at best of times, yet it was a vital economic link that kept the country going. Once it fell, Cuba was completely screwed.
However even given these factors it still - as you can see from this report - has a great educational system and we already know that it is second to none at providing grass-roots medical support. All of this in the face of exceptional odds, such as expats deliberately bringing in diseases that destroy farming, others spraying bugs that destroy crops, weather manipulation to bring about floods just before harvest and the list goes on.
You can't blame this purely on communism. If South Africa had experienced the kind of troubles Cuba has gone through it would have had an entirely different outcome. As it happened SA was still able to trade with other countries, wasn't invaded by the US and didn't have the constant threat of war that forced it to maintain a military beyond its means. It also didn't have its crops decimated etc etc etc. Yet although there are rich and poor people in Cuba - heck just as there are in ANY society in the world today - ALL of them have the same educational and medical opportunities.
This report reminds me of the stuff that was comming out of Russia when the USSR was torn apart. I reckon Cuba should be a fairly good place to put your money in a few years' time, depending of course on what Raul and the US do.
Aaaah ha ha ha ha haha... He's a jew!
Actually he's French, Irish and Native American
This is to tell you that General Tsubodai whipped General Kentai in 14.
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