Tuesday, February 26, 2008


Putin got lucky

So here's da deal. You know how da gangsta always likes to say what a wonderful dude Pooty is. Even though some peeps say he is a child molesting crook and stuff like that.
But yous all know dat if yous look at him really close yous can see he's not da hot pants everyone tinks he is. See I gots no room to complain 'bout democracy. Don need it, don want it. And it's cool dat da gangsta and his mates also don need it don want it.
See yous all tink dat da gangsta in chief made all dat money for Russia like some Harry Putter outa nuttin.
In fact Bushi is da one dat give him da money on a plate.
See if Bushi hadn't fought in Iraq ant pisst off da world, den dere would be no oil crisis. All would be normal. But now der is a oil crises and dat's where Russia is making all its cash.
It is also Bushi that decides to fuck over da arms treaty wid the Russkis and dat makes Pooty some hero as he can make all da noise about it.
But lets see what he does in Kosovo, den we can know da real man.

You're just keen to see Russia and the US fight. And you know that will make it Russia against the world. But what you say is not too wrong. He was helped by Bush. However if he had been Yeltsin he would have not been able to take advantage of it.
That's a very interesting point, Mashi. See what you can achieve when you get your mind out of the toilet.
Fuck off rabbit. He's our leader, we like him, we want him. You are not Russian, you get no fucking say in it. Like fucking Hu is the best thing for bananas.
You have read this from the Times article you attention whore and I will say the same here I said there.
Get your nose out of Russia's business. It is our country and our people and our president.
What you say is true but there are much more bad things in Russia than whether or not Putin did it on his own.
I think it's time we faced up to the fact that if you go against Putin you find yourself in jail. It happened to Mikhail Khodorkovsky and Platon Lebedev and it can happen to you. How much of your freedom are you willing to lose. Tzarval is full of talk about how great Putin is but has he ever disagreed with him? I'm sure his family aren't as clean when it comes to looting the USSR as he would like everyone to believe. You don't just walk away from the USSR a multi millionaire - and that's a conservative estimate. I find this pandering to Putin at every opportunite quite creepy. So why don't you tell us the truth, Tzarval. How much do you and your family owe Putin and if you had to say anything against him how long with your "empire" last?
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