Sunday, February 24, 2008


Whos stuff is dat?

Beijing is being hit up by da Zimbabwe peeps for 42 million for farm equipment. What happened man? Did they break da last lost? Did they lose it? Did dose nasty whites take it wid dem?

I wanna know dis because if dis is our new farm den dats okay but if its not why are we giving dem money for nuttin? yeah okay okay we can afford it. But we also need to be looking after our own peeps, you know what I mean.

Dis sounds like we Uncle Sam... okay maybe Ah Gao. Hucheng Gao inked dis little deal in Harare. Of course da glorious people's republic will be giving over da stuff too...all dat Chinese made farming equipmunt to dose poor african farmers... so dat when our Chinese landlords get dere they will already know how to use dat stuff.

Get real--made in china stuff wont last till the landlords get there. You guys have created the ultimate "throwaway society". It's that lack of quality, that will your downfall, never mind the numbers you create or procreate--like a bunch of hamsters running on a spinning wheel, you have to run faster and faster just to replace the crap you create. Yo shore gonna wear yisself out dat way. In a way I guess its a bit like that dog chasing the bus, fuck knows what he's gonna do with it when catches it. By the way, who ya all gonna sell your cheap plastic crap to when you'se have taken over the world hmmm?
"...they will already know how to use dat stuff."

Dream on...
It will either be gone or broken.
Don't take my word for it, come and find out for yourself.
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1 "You guys have created the ultimate "throwaway society"."
Yep yep, clever aren't we? It's called a "sustainable market". Wot happens when something yous need breaks eh? Yous go buy another. We make more money, capiche?
2 "never mind the numbers you create or procreate"
Yous ever heard of da one child policy? Anyways, have a panda, how else yous think we gonna colonade da whole world?
3 By the way, who ya all gonna sell your cheap plastic crap to when you'se have taken over the world hmmm?
Take a look around yous. We'll be selling to poor dumb white dudes like you... whaaaah ha ha ha ha haha ha ha... or as yous like to say HAU!
poor white dudes
That's where things are headed.
Was that a mitake or for real. Either way it's funny.
You people are terrible. Why can't we all just get along for a better world?
Mashi, you've never been to Africa, have you? You have no concept of what you're up against. It is going to be a good show, though.
Oh come now. It's not that bad. You chaps always look to the negative and forget about the positive. There are many more countries in Africa than Zimbabwe and South Africa and Kenya.
I think this would go down very well in places like Zambia, Ghana, Botswana, Mozambique. All you ever do is say bad things about Africa, you never see the good in it.
You think we will sit back and let ourselves be colonised again? You are very mistaken Mashi. We learned our lesson with the whites and let me tell you this...Chinese are cowards. And we will take their money and kick them out like we kicked out the whites.
@ machette

In actual fact you blacks are the cowards, you always attack in packs; like the scavengers you are you attack the weak and the elderly and if a victim reacts you run away with the tail between your legs. Not to forget that you also rape babies, someone says to cure aids but I think it is because, like ANC MP George Lekgetho said (about legalizing prostitution)
"...because we hear of many rapes, because people don’t have access to them [women]”

fact is you cannot have a normal relation with a woman so, again, you attack the weak and defenseless: the children!

Who is the coward?
@ amadeus
there you go playing the "baby rape" card. You know that is nothing more than racist rubbish
try to crawl out of your racist dog kennel and fuck off out of Africa.
Gosh Amadeus, that snopes thing makes you look quite bad.
@ June the bug

You should be ashamed of yourself if you think child rape in Africa is an "urban legend". A policeman, friend of mine is undergoing counseling after he witnessed a few of these horrifying child rapes perpetrated by these marmite monsters. He can tell you a couple of stories that will make you cringe and lose sleep for a while. But I guess you don’t even know where Africa is and bet you don’t have a clue what muti killings are either. (machete, the coward, will tell you it is another urban legend…). It is thanks to the complacency of ignorant people like you that these machettes can get away with these abominations.

Have a “snope” at this link and then we will talk:

@ machette

You still don’t get it, do you? You don’t belong to Africa.
Not meaning to harp on it, but here's some more, 'hot off the press' so to speak.

"HARARE, Zimbabwe: Child rape has increased 42 percent in Zimbabwe, the U.N. children's agency said Wednesday, linking worsening child abuse to family tensions caused by the nation's economic meltdown.
Published: February 27, 2008"

Read the rest here, if you can stomach it:
Don't confuse baby rape with child rape. You said "rape babies"
wow--machette, so it OK to rape them once they get out of diapers? I think you just proved the scarab right.
Machette did not say rape was okay. All he did was point out that you accused an entire ethnic group of raping babies, when in fact that is an urban legend.
Child rape is a sad fact of life. It has been with us forever. It is not only one ethnic group that carries it out. My goodness, take a drive down Patpong Road in Bangkok and see all the men queing to get their little girls and boys. Many of those men are white.
Your wild and racist accusations make you looking extremely uneducated.
@ June the bug

Machette did not say rape was okay. All he did was point out that you accused an entire ethnic group of raping babies, when in fact that is an urban legend

I live among these monsters. They DO rape babies! One of my friend's maid's twin babies was raped: she was not even two years of age for GOD's sake!!!!!!!! she died of aids not long ago. The other twin died of aids soon after birth. The mother died of aids too! I did not dream that, I saw it with my own eyes.
I would like you to hear the stories my police friend had told me. Why do you think he is in the loonie bin? For fun? He witnessed the rape of babies NOT just children for GOD's sake, if you do have a GOD. I heard the stories and it is something I will never forget till I live. These monsters kill children, very young children for muti. I have seen pictures. You can ask your buddy machete what muti killings are!

If educated means condoning the beahviour of these abominations than I am happy I am not educated as you have insinuated. You don't need to be a rocket scientist like you to realise how evil these savages are.

I don't usually swear but I just feel like saying to you: go fuck yourself, june and take that sick dog machete with you!
Obviously you are uneducated as you cannot express yourself without resorting to foul language.
No one here is condoning rape at all. No one.
You really need to stop making these leaps of faith into your own racists mindset.
Machette raises a valid point. It is not in black culture to rape babies. Yes there are one or two cases but not every black is somehow genetically programmed to go out and rape babies. And that is what you are insinuating. Your obvious anguish at this is not surprising, but as Snopes pointed out, the email was a fraud, and there are only two or three known cases of this happening.
I am sure there are many brutal acts being comitted all over the world by any number of people.
Take for example the recent and continuing mass shootings in America. Does that give me reason to say Whites are mad-dog killers who will gun down young students for no apparent reason? No it does not, because not all whites do it. Furthermore the whites in America are not represtative of the whites in Europe or Austrlia or even South Africa.
@machette & June
Lets understand what we're talking about here...
"Media reports of three such rapes in South Africa in the past few months have caused widespread anger and concern.3,4 In addition, a review from Cape Town covering 9 years describes a further ten rapes of children aged under 1year." AB van As, M Withers, N. Du Toit, AJW Millar, H Rode. Child rape -patterns of injury, management and outcome. S Afr Med J 2001; 91: 1035-38. [PubMed]

That is more than the 2 reported on Snopes.
"Infant rapes seem to have several striking features. To penetrate the vagina of a small infant, the perpetrators first need to create a common channel between the vagina and the anal canal by forced insertion of an implement. This action is analogous to the most severe form of female genital mutilation practised in parts of Africa, introcision, in which the perineum is split with a finger, knife, or similar object,10 presumably to facilitate penetrative intercourse in girls as young as 5 years old sold into early marriage." Muleta M, Williams G. Postcoital injuries treated at the Addis Ababa Fistula Hospital, 1991-97. Lancet 1999; 354: 2051-52. [Text]

I don't see any other reference to infant rape anywhere. So, June, Machette, find a case of white people doing this and prove me wrong.

Iraqi war vet

so this wasn't about aids
We never believe anything on African Crisis. The man has all the credibility of a money changer in the slums of Shenzhen.
the speed with which the bug of June replies to the comments makes me wonder...
which one of you is june bug, bloggers?

me me me
*waving his toilet plunger*
June--You never believe anything that does not fit into the square little box (the one your brain prolly also came out of). So, if June says it aint so, then it aint so. June, you are so predictable, its allmost funny. You are just the liberal side of the closeminded coin that has WSAS and AC on the opposing side. No different, in that neither one of you is able to perceive the golden thread of reality that meanders somewhere between your rabid liberal and their anachronistic conservative views.

Some days I get so tired of this crap
Attila, that is simply not true. The reason no one here accepts anyting off African Crisis or Why South Africa sucks is because they play fast and loose with the facts. They get hysterical about things with very little fact. And of course they are very one dimensional.
I think baby rape is horrific. And I will admit that I have not heard of any other race doing it. But to make a blanket statement that "they" rape babies is unacceptable. Just as much as it is unacceptable for me to call all white South African's are obese, lazy, abusive slave drivers. Some are. Most are not. And that is true of every nation.
I believe that the more you treat it as a racial thing the more you contribute to the problem. It is almost as if you are excusing it by saying "oh well, they do it because they're black". This is an unconscionable crime and it needs to be punished with no quarter given. It needs to be rooted out and people need to be held accountable.
One day you are going to grow up and realise that we all inhabit this earth. No race is going to go away unless you propose genocide. We need to find ways to work together as a human race instead of raging over percieved differences.
Hey Mashi

Can I please borrow your toilet plunger?

I need to loosen up a clog of liberal crap from the june bug's brain.
Maybe the june bug will start seeing the world through the window of reality and step down from the altar of its self-generated theoretical gibberish.
This conceited coleopterous who discredits ambiguously whoever is not suited for its cognoscenti’s world will soon also feed on the behavioral feces of the mindless.
See what I mean? You didn't even get the point, your knees simply jerked your brain into attack mode. Your eloquence is admirable, your judgement suspect and your premise without foundation. In short my dear-you dont have a friggin clue.
Well then, gentlemen, give me "a clue". What are you rabbiting on about? What is your point? Please explain it to all us who are unenlightened.
I think it funny how europeans wine all the time but are too weak to do anything, so they wine more. They have no respect ffrom others becaus they are stupid to think everyone think what the europeans do is how they want to be. people has their own way to live, everyone does. Those people who are strong are that way bcos they will fight and kill to get what they want. The europeans won't do that, won't allow their leaders to do that. So they have the balls cut off and can only wine and cry. They let women to lead them and women will no make war on the enemy. All they want to do is to talk. There is time to lift the weapon and make a point and smack your enemy so that they do not get up. It is always a bad thing to leav an enemy at your backs. But the european don't understand this. June is confused. If you want to be free of troubles you must lead. if you lead you must be strong and no talk.
June, I dont have the time to enlighten you (or the royal US for that matter), try some selfhelp books. The point I was tryyyyyying to make is that BOTH you AND the WwhiteTtrash only see black and white, liberal and conservative, good and bad--Life is not like that, there are many shades of grey. When you achieve a bit more enlightenment, you may even discover other colours. Trying to reason with closeminded people is an exercise in futility.
Tsuboday... what?
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