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And the winner is...

I've trawled the soft underbelly of white society to find the worst killers, torturers, cannibals and rapists, in a bid to discover any known baby rapists. And here he is - Donald "Pee Wee" Gaskins.The SWG described his rape and sodomy of a 2-year-old girl as "the best sex I've ever had". Being the gentleman that he was, he raped her mother first and then hammered in her head before he turned on the tot. Fair enough he was not trying to cure Aids, he just did it for the fun. However, it was not a one-off thing. Gaskins killed up to 90 young people for "recreation" - in fact he couldn't remember how many he killed. He liked torture them and keep them alive as long as possible. Sometimes he would cut off bits of them while they were still alive and cook the meat up and eat it in front of his horrified victims. Sometimes he would force the victims to eat the meat too. He was extecuted in 1991. Yes, you can see how whites should be the uber race.

He also did a number of professional killings too. Heck, he just liked killing.

Oh my. Can we please stop this now? There is more than enough misery in the world, we really do not need to rake up the past.
But they did "stop it" June, once they caught him. Zero recividism is expected from this individual. I suppose you are against the death penalty though hmmmm? Beware the past June, he who does not know the past is doomed to repeat it.

By the way, pretending something does not exist, does not make it so. Do you wipe your butt with rubber gloves?
On the contrary, attila, this person was in jail when he committed his first murder.
I do not support the death penalty, you are quite right. I think government sanctioned murder makes us nothing less than serial killers ourselves.
But then I realise that I do live in a very safe and comfortable world and that is the luxury I have to think that way.
You are all right. There are bad people in every race. But you cannot escape the fact black men are much more likely to commit crimes than white ones. You need to look at the statistics. And to get away from the "African" deal of war and death, take a look at America where supposedly everyone is equal. In the US, blacks are estimated to be 5,700 per cent more likely to commit a violent crime against a white, than the other way around. They are 13,600 more times likely to commit a robbery. Take a look at the official Justice Department crime reports. You call yourself a journalist, do some real research instead of just flicking through wiki.
You want to know what the rate of black men against white women? More than 34,460 white women are raped by black men in the US each year. Black men are 2,200% more likely to murder a white woman. You are 22,000 % more likely to be attacked by a black gang than you are to be attacked by a white gang.
Put those numbers up against any of your white serial killers. Put those numbers up against the blacks that have been harmed or killed in America - ever.
I think your adding is poor bob go and rethink
Bob, you're right. Many people have said there is no explanation for it other than genetics. I am not entirely sure I accept that but I am willing to consider it. The reason for I am not willing to accept it is two-fold. Not 100 years ago, westerners hated Japanese. And they deserved to be hated with the horrendous atrocities that were committed during the war. We're talking the usual rape murder and pillage with a Nazi-esq way of dealing with the Chinese - medical experiments and mass exterminations like happened in Nanjing. There was also the element of cannibalism in that. They have a high propportion of child molesters and serial killers and cannibals among their population. And yet not one person on this board - save for perhaps Mashi - would hesitate to live in Japan and embrace its culture
Perhaps it's a matter of perception.
Second reason - assuming all this is correct and Black men are genetically disposed towards violent crime... what are we going to do about it? How do we protect ourselves and how too, can we make it fair on those individual Black men who are not criminals? Because the very moment we say "Black men are disposed..." we take away their right to a free trial in the first place and open the way for them to be treated as sub humans in the second place.
We cannot pretend that Black do not exist. We cannot pretend that the majority of blacks are decent and moral and upright citizens. If we live in Africa, we have to accept that we are vastly outnumbered by Blacks as that is their home. If we live in America then we have to realise that this is a matter of our own doing. This is a residual problem of the very belief that you are asking us now to accept - the blacks are somehow sub-human. Even if we do accept that thesedays - which is an unconscionable thought for reasons given above - how can we resolve the issue and still be honest and fair about it.
You can tell that black women are not naturally disposed towards violent crime. So should all black men be exported to Africa? What about the women? what about the famlies? How do you decide which of them stay and which of them go.
Then add on to that that mexican and cubans also seem to have a high disposition to crime... do you export them?
What about those Italian dudes and the maffia? Send them home? America is built by them.
How about the Germans and Japanese, I mean let's not forget the world wars...
Where do you draw the line?
and what do you do with those drunken lazy native americans?
How about Jews, pack them off to Israel? What about the fighting Irish... you can see where this is going.
The reality of todays world is that we live in a multi-ethnic society. The idea that we can somehow catch the horse and put it back in the stable is a fantasy... that horse not only bolted, it's gone off and fathered a herd by now.
The only way this can be addressed is through a strong law enforcement, judicial and prison system, and those systems both in the US and SA have been weakened so much that they are not doing their job.
Added to that is the very important aspect of access to abortion to prevent unwanted children being brought into this world where they stand a good chance of growing up to be criminals.
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