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Collective Punishment and white predators

It's comforting to be a white. Read some of the recent websites I have trawled from the PC to the racist and there's a good sense of moral righteousness. As a white I'm not a baby rapist or serial rapist or car hijacker. I don't belong to a gang or do drugs or any of those nasty things. I'm careful and educated and decent and moral. I'd add god fearing into it but frankly I'm not.
Just as much as most black folks are not baby rapists and murderers, gang bangers and thieves or rapists and pilferers, how much collective responsibility should we give for these obvious racial differences? Writers to this site would have us believe that it should all be collective punishment. Some blacks rape babies therefore no blacks should ever be in power. Some backs are criminals therefore no blacks deserve to vote. Some blacks take drugs...well you get the picture.
That being the yardstick, the whites don't deserve to be running the world either. We could put together a government of white miscreants.
Ladies and Gentlemen, I give you Robert Pickton. This sophisticated white gentleman is a Canadian sexual predator thought to have killed 60 women, mutilated their bodies and fed their remains to his pigs. He gets my vote for minister of agriculture.
Here's a toast to Australian James Miller - killer of seven women aged 15 to 26. In Australia's worst serial murders, seven women aged 15 to 26, go missing in and around Adelaide over a 51-day period from Christmas 1976. Their skeletal remains are discovered in the Truro district in the Adelaide foothills several years later in what becomes known as The Mass Murders of Truro. James Miller is sentenced to life imprisonment without parole for his part in the murders. Minister of women's affairs, perhaps?
Then there's the sophisticated white gentleman Bevan von Einm, Aussie, who kidnapped a young boy and raped him to death with a beer bottle. He was linked to a club of homosexual child molesters. mmm...he should be running my country. Oh his victim was a teenager, held drugged and bound for 5 days. Youth ministry for sure.

Beverley Alitt, an English state nurse who killed four and injured five helpless children that were in her care in the hospital.

She cold bloodedly injected these children with insulin. She could be the health minister.

Sadistic and evil were the judges words used to describe this SWG, Dennis Rader, the notorious BTK serial killer. Among his multiple victims was an 11 year old little girl that he hanged from the rafters of her home and masturbated as she died. He was known for torturing his victims BTK standing for Bind, torture, kill. He had a few quirks like making one of his victims wear a human-like mask to "pretty her up" while he was torturing her. He liked to strangle his victims to make it up close and personal. I think he'd make a good minister of leisure and cultural services.
One of my personal favourites is Andrea Yates because she illustrates exactly what is wrong with Henry Makow's Stepford Wives ideal. You'll most likely remember her as the woman who one day killed all her children by drowning them in the family bath. The details of his are unclear (meaning i couldn't be bovvered to search for them) but needless to say I reckon she had just "had enough". Now put her into context of the "animals" who throw their babies on to rubbish dumps. She is white, middle class and god fearing, she was not some impoverished single mother unable to raise a child. She was not a crack whore or a victim of rape or abuse. She wasn't a terrified teenager suddenly faced with the burden of raising a child. These are the usual reasons why mums "get rid" of their children. So I'd have to make her the minister of Women's Affairs. I'd have to give her husband a position in the cabinet too because I reckon he would have to be incredibly dense not to figure that something like this was coming down the line. In fact there are quite a few of these Christian white women who bump off their children. We just don't seem to get reports of it.

Up for the Food and Environmental Hygiene job would have to be Andre Chikatilo. He was a serial sexual predator, murderer and cannibal of children in the Soviet Union. He was a good case for white, educated, middle class family man. But he managed to slaughter at least 53 children of both sexes, sometimes biting out their tongues, disemboweling them, sometimes eating parts of them, but always stabbing them in the face repeatedly.

My minister of finance would either be Ken Lay of Enron or John Gotti.

But let's hurry on to the more colourful members of the uber-race. Dean Corll, Elmer Henley and David Brooks Inc, were three white lads. Henly and Brooks were young teens, Corll was older. He liked to kidnap, torture and multilate handsome young teens. Henley and Brooks would help him by bringing his victims to him, including their childhood friends! Corll's toll was 44. Some of the boys he killed were castrated, had their penises chewed and some had been beaten or kicked to death.

Here's a lovely SWG, Albert Fish. He liked to eat children. Here's part of his confession of how he killed a 3 year old toddler. "Next day about 2 P.M., I took tools, a good heavy cat-of-nine tails. Home made. Short handle. Cut one of my belts in half, slit these halves in six strips about 8 inches long. I whipped his bare behind till the blood ran from his legs. I cut off his ears -- nose --slit his mouth from ear to ear. Gouged out his eyes. He was dead then. I stuck the knife in his belly and held my mouth to his body and drank his blood.
"I picked up four old potato sacks and gathered a pile of stones. Then I cut him up. I had a grip with me. I put his nose, ears and a few slices of his belly in the grip. Then I cut him through the middle of his body. Just below the belly button. Then through his legs about 2 inches below his behind. I put this in my grip with a lot of paper. I cut off the head -- feet -- arms-- hands and the legs below the knee. This I put in sacks weighed with stones, tied the ends and threw them into the pools of slimy water you will see all along the road going to North Beach."
Incidentally he picked on black kids because he figured out that the police wouldn't pay too much attention to them. He claimed to have killed over 100 kids.
Here are a trio of SWYW who deserve the Students of the Year award for their little murder of one of their schoolmates.
Melinda Loveless, a lesbian who was upset with Shanda Sharer who she accused of trying to steal her girlfriend.
Laurie Tackett Loveless' friend, Hope Rippey and Toni Lawrence set out one night with the idea of teaching Sharer a lesson. They kidnapped her and over seval hours, beat her, burned her clothes, beat her with a tyre iron, anally assualted her with a the tyre iron, they tried to cut her throat and to strangle her but finally ended up burning her to death. Then they went for breakfast and joked about the way the burned Sharer resembled the sausages they were eating and mimicked the awful deaththroes of a young woman who had been tortured and beaten to the point where she was unable to do anything but react like a twitching piece of meat. What lovely young ladies they to follow.

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Congratulations Inkonkoni you have just proved that us whites are a race of psychopaths! Well done!
It must have taken you some time to search the web but you did your homework well; these white abominations are surely a factor by which to judge the white race’s social behaviour. Your justification for the systematic rape and murder of babies, children and women at the hands of the marmite monsters is flawless. It is a pity you did not extend your research to all of the races, you’ll be surprised; however, if you are ashamed to be a white woman I suggest you do a “Micheal Jackson”: have your nose surgically flattened and give yourself a permanent tan; you’ll regain your natural innocence and the goodness of humanity which is inherent to the savages.
Trolllling in the rain, just trolling in the rain ;-)
Is this why there is a warning on the content of this site?
Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah, good to see you popping up in all the wrong places again....

is the the incontinent panty girl stirring again or always?...shame!

@ you doin?
This is just disgusting and horrific. What is the point? Every nation has bad people and good people. Why do we have to bring this terrible topic into the limelight? What possible purpose could it serve? I understand that you might be a journalist and used to this, but frankly it is not a topic I consider even worthy of discussion.
Amadeus, you really need to watch your language. Baby rape is not systematic in South Africa by any means.
Second you seem to lack a concept of irony. I am not justifying anything at all, and you need to stop seeing it that way. You are judging a whole ethnic group on 10 baby rapes. While baby rapes are horrible, shocking and should be punished, just as any rape should be punished, I have given you the opportunity to take a look at a handful of various whites and their horrific crimes, so that you realise it is not just blacks who do terrible things. Can you take a step into adulthood and realise that you can't make genralised sweeping statements. You look like a fool.
Furthermore I don't wish to be anything else but white. I happen to disagree with the policy of racism in south africa and can understand the huge and long term effect it had on people. That is all.
@ June
It is indeed a topic worth discussing. If people on this blog are going to hold up the crimes of a few blacks, then they need to take into account that there are white people who do bad things too. I can understand amadeus' anguish, I really can. But it is not based in fact and logic.
These racists will tell you that it is perfectly okay to treat ALL blacks like second or third class citizens "because they rape babies". "because it's systematic" - I think he thinks the government is turning a blind eye to them. I believe that a lot more should be done, but precisely what should be done I don't know.
I feel that sangomas should not be part of the medical insurance scheme, but how do you know which are merely herbalists and which are the guys encouraging baby rape and muti killings? There should be an international outcry about this, but until such time as the white right change their tune to "people in SA rape babies" instead of "marmite monsters or SBGs or blacks or kaffirs or whatever they want to call them" no one is going to hear.
Hau! These people do EVERYTHING better than blacks.
I really think you need to open up your google search criteria. You seem to have fallen into the Ameriacn racial profilling trap of hollywood. Not all mass murderers are white, male single and middle aged.

Look at David Simelane... nice Swazi chap who raped murdered and mutilated 41 women and a baby (nine months) and three toddlers (aged 2, 3 and 4). Ever heard of this guy? Most South Africans haven't.

If you are going to try make this silly argument stick, perhaps you should calculate rapes, murder and mutilation per capita of each population group.

You know what per capita means.... right?

I am glad I have got a reaction from you, unfortunately through the use of crude language.
Mine is not irony it is sheer beastliness because it is the only way to exasperate the liberals like you and June the bug; it means that in the anger that follows you take off your rose-tinted glasses and see the real world, even if it is just for a minute. Statistics do not quite corroborate what you say about babies’ rapes, at least in South Africa where rape statistics are shocking. There are 150000 reported cases of rape every year (many put this figure at three times as much) and just less than a third are children rapes (this includes babies). It is not an urban legend like that polluted mind of machete would like us to think. It is a horrible truth that is finally being acknowledged because it is also something embarrassing that has been hidden for too long. Witchdoctors actually encourage child rape because they do believe that having sex with a virgin cures Aids, again it is not an urban legend. And before you blast me let me tell you that in Europe in the dark ages there was also a belief that having sex with a virgin would cure venereal diseases. Call me a racist but I stand by the idea that the majority of the blacks are not civilized people and their behaviour is barbaric. I do not think the majority of them have the intellectual capability to fit into a functional society. The problem is that the few “educated” ones are allowing their feebleminded brothers to cut loose in a functional society with the results we all know: devastation, famine, ethnic violence and rampant crime. I also have serious doubts on the intellectual capabilities of the educated ones; blacks are self-destructive; they thrive on destruction and brutality. In general I do not have a problem with blacks but conversely the few decent ones do not make up for the majority of these savages.

And yes, I am an angry and anxious father, I have the utmost respect for life but not for those who abuse it.

Edith Sitwell once said: "I am patient with stupidity, but not with those who are proud of it..."

I’m sorry if I have offended you but I am glad I have got a reaction… it seems the only way to reason with liberals ;-)
This post makes an excellent post. There are racists out there, such as those who post on who want to use the actions a a few blacks to castigate all blacks. I am glad you point out the actions of these white savages.
Machette... ha ha ha ha ha ha hah ah ha ha ha ha ha hah.
Gimme ^5 bro.

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treaclebender, wtf? Inky might be loads of things - like da russki gangsta's bitch for a start, an where did dose weapons come from eh? did da ANC say tanks nicely? an why did she get a tanks from da cageybee - but she sure as shit innt incontenent. wanna know how I now dis? heh heh heh.

*waves his toilet plunger*

Amadeus, you know what everyone is hearing from you? "Waaaah a waaah a waaaah a waaaah" Got get your baby bottle and suck on it, man.
This amadeus scarabeus person is very hysterical.
Amadeus. Thank you for your apology although it was entirely unnecessary. We enjoy good debate on this website. I didn't mean you used foul language. I meant you used incorrect language. The baby rape is not "systematic". You could argue that more needs to be done to prevent it, but then more needs to be done to prevent a lot of things in SA.
There are a lot of people that I left out of this report, the famous ones like Ted Bundy, Ed Gein, John Wayne Gacy, Jeffrey Dhamer, Marc Dutroux because people seem to know of them and discard them as being slight abberrations of society.

@ the annonymous nonny mouse
The whole point was to show Amadeus that blacks are not the only people to commit horrific crimes. That these folks are/were white in entirely the point.
Inky - you are now descending to the same level. Compare apples sistemically with apples ;-). Your argument holds no water as you have selected criminally insane white examples. Are you saying that the 20 000 murders a year in SA are committed by the criminally insane?. Even by most standards thats a rather large pool of anti-social people.---note. no race or small animals injured in this post..
Hey, AS, don't you think all you needed to do is say to Inky that SOME blacks rape babies? I think that was the cause of all this stuff.
About those "insane" Americans, I think that in the good old US they have trouble believing someone is just evil (unless the gvt tells them, like al qaida). It's those liberals. They never want to say "He's bad, kill him." So they say things like "He's sick" to explain the people's behaviour. This is not true. If you are that sick you cannot continue to kill and kill and kill and get away with it. Ever since humans have been around there have been evil people among us.
I know South Africa has a big crime problem and most of the criminals are blacks and many of the crimes are very very terrible. We all know that. That is why Inky won't ever go back to live in SA. We are not fools here.
What the problem is with you is that you make it about race. I don't mind that because I hate jews and won't ever deal with Israel in my business. That is my choice and I take a lot of trouble for it. (Specially from Inky).
Perhaps you should choose a different fight, rather than to make all blacks "bad". Inki is saying you cannot judge a whole group of people on the actions of a few. Like you cannot judge the white race on the actions of the few evil men she has used in this post. You cannot even say baby rape is because they are black - if your argument is true then you would have baby rapes all where the black people are, like England and France and the US.
The other thing is that you can say black men are bad. It is not black women who are doing this. And they are the ones who are suffering, yet you make no mention of that.
Why don't you get out of SA? Come and join the sane world.
Inkonkoni - Am I correct in saying the examples you give were "premeditated" murders/crimes by serial killers?
Most crimes in S.A. are random I would say.
I believe there is a recent film about Albert Fish which is quite good, although why anyone would want to see it is beyond me.
Amadeus, how many blacks are there in South Africa? Roughly 34 million. That would mean more than 17 million would have to be bad for the "majority" to be bad.
@ Anonymous:
What possible difference could it make to the victims whether the attacks were premeditated or random?
Yes, Anon, most of the crimes in my report were premeditated, not all of them, however.
@ Mashi

hey bud, I sense a bit of jealousy there. Is inko neglecting you? She spent a lot of time showing Amadeus that blacks are not the only people to commit horrific crimes , now you are probably feeling left out. Shame I think you need your baby bottle more than I do… Waaaah a waaah a waaaah a waaaah ha ha ha ha ha…

@ tsubodai

Are you Mashi’s toilet plunger?

@ tzarval

I hold a European passport and I can get out of SA at any time. I just wanna make as much money as possible out of these BEE idiots before the mashimaros and the Russians take over SA; then it is their game. I am gonna go back to motherland Europe when the going gets tough and watch the toughies get going… It is going to be fun, I see machete rubbing his hands in anticipation… ka-ching!

@ machete

You got it bru, you will always have to settle for second best…”These people will ALWAYS do EVERYTHING better than blacks”


You are a very passionate person, maybe you should put more effort in finding the positivies of your own race rather than the negatives… you are playing into the hands of the fools.

I’m outta here!
June bug you do say stupid things sometimes...the article isn't about the victims is it!!!!
no, hysterical whiteman. I use mashi as a toilet plunger
So you keep your family in dire danger because you want to "make money"?
You are not able to defend them. What kind of husband and father does that to his family? You call yourself part of the uber-race but you can't even get the fucking basics right man. Look after your women and children. How fucking basic is that? But you can't manage to do it.
How would you feel if your daughter was gang raped?
You come on here and cry about having to live there when you live there because you choose to?
There are plenty of places you can go to to make money.
And you call Cathy Buckle "stupid".
Fuck off you pussy, you're begging to get screwed.
Stop wasting our time.
oooh da gangsta is pissed man.
Aw TV, give da whitey amatila his balls back, der's a nice doggy.

*waves his toilet plunger*

No worries bru, I won't waste your time any longer;-)
Thanks for the clue anyway.

@ mashi

I'm confused: tzubodai said you're his/her toilet plunger and I thought he/she was yours. Keep on waving.


Reality is not what it seems to be, nor is it otherwise.
Hau the whiteys cannot even agree on small matters. Fuck off out of Africa.
Tsarval! That language is not what I expected from a gentleman like yourself.
Hey fuck face--you are very mistaken if you think I live there. Lumping all of us "conservatives" together is no different from lumping all blacks or all liberals together. In effect your intolerance is no different from anyone else's. By the way turdval, I have fairly extensive extermination experience, thats partially why I did leave. If something happened to my family, I can assure you I would have been indiscriminate in the slaughter. Polystyrene and diesel makes great Napalm and Malathion is easily obtainable as well as numerous other types of organophosphates. My point? I choose to distance myself from the hate, and try to be objective.--

By the way, I dont like Jews either ;-) (but I dont "hate" them enough to gas them)
Please dude, da man wears a pointy hat and walks into da doctors place bass akwards, you know what I mean?
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