Monday, March 17, 2008


Da whole worldz fulla shit

Has any of yous noticed in dis whole tibet joke dat yous haven't seen any PLA "crackdown" bloody or uddawise in Tibet. Yep yep yep, da land of da peaceful munks maybe "rocked by riots" n stuff but cheez, its not da poor PLA dat's hurtin dem. Dey's doing it to da Chinese. All dose peeps everyone sez is dead is Chinese peeps being killed by da "non-violent" Tibetans. WTF? And like da whole world's blaming Beijing.
It's like dose dudes are begging for some tanks to come shoot dem down. Dey walkin tru da streets, killin an burnin an rioting like dey was blacks in sout afrika, and everyone sez Beijing must not bring violence to da party. Dat Duh Lie Lama is nuttin but a big bullshitter.
Do dey finks we born yesturday? I mean any one of yous ever try to organize like anything at all yous know how hard it is to get folk away from da telly dese days. Hey! Come out an burn a few shops...Nah, Afghanistan Idol is on da box.
So dis is all organised by da "peesfull" munks who just wanna start shit ahead of da Olympics and none of the news organizations is taking in any fact. Waddever da exiled dudes say, dis has gotta be da unbuyassed trut.
An...waddaya spect Beijing gonna do? Give dem all barley soup and wheat bread an pat em on da liddle bawld heads?
Beijing aint nevva gonna let Tibet go, dey should catch a clue man. Tibet aint nevva gonna be free cos dey gots all da water for China.

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So Mongolia got nothing. Let it go.
Not up to me man. I wouldn't mind ledding you smelly neanderthils ride into da sunset an kill each udda off.
Still da press is wrong man! Der is no violence by da Chinese. Dey's lying and lying and lai ing. When der is violins dey'll know. Even Chicken Noodle News is showing pitchers of INDIAN police pulling Tibetans away.Whadday spect the Chinese to do? Let dese munks kill our people and burn our buildings?
Of course there is violence! Do not be so silly, Mashi. The Chinese invaded Tibet and rule with an iron fist. It is time they were brought to book for their atrocities. I can't believe that you just follow the government line on this.
I am interested to see how Beijing deals with this. But I have to admit, Mashi boy, that I have not seen any Chinese crackdown yet either...what's wrong with your police...go break heads man
If we get Mongol back what to do with it?
General, that made me almost choke on my coffee this morning.
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