Saturday, March 08, 2008


Doot n wat?

So we used to like and liked to use da Octopus system yeah? All good. Yous can take dat lil card anywhere and you can get on da MTR and da KRC and da ferry and da 7/11 and Wellcome an Parknrob an all over da place.
Now da lil card is also in da UK an Singabore. Like really ALL OVER DA PLACE. Yous know what I'm saying.
An it's cool dat yous can even load it from da back so yous are like never short of cash. But have yous evah thought dat it can be used to track you?
Yep yep yep, each an every time yous "doot" dose lil computers can prolly track yous. So "dey" can watch...oh, da bunny got off at Central, and den he got off at Shamshipo. Den he bought hisself a diet coke at da 7/11 an a pack of Marlboro, den he went to school... yous get the pitcha?
Link dat to your credit card - cos dat's how you load da Octopus - an man yous can't move widout leaving a liddle electronic trail all over da place.
Tink about it before yous doot.
Yes, Mashi, I have often wondered about that. I suppose one could remain anonymous if one did not use a credit card to transfer money on to the Octopus card. I certainly don't as I find it quite easy just to do it at the stations or the shops. I suppose people who spend more find the credit card loading far easier. It is a worrying development. But we don't actually know if they can track us, do we?
I should imagine one would be tracked more easily on the numerous CCTV cameras all over the city and transport systems.
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