Friday, March 14, 2008


Hong Kong Flu

Death toll: 3
Oh thank heavens you've done this you sweetie. I am going to go scatty with the children all day every day. York is going to be climbing the walls. I shall have to send them off somewhere for some sort of educational trip. I m so thankful I'm not one of those moms cooped up in a tiny flat. How do they cope?
You guys can talk about Hong Kong as if it's heaven on earth, but let me tell you something. I am so sick of this place I'm ready to move back to SA. Everyone here is so obssessed with money. The companies here have no honor and will rip you off at every turn. If they sell you faulty merchandise, they will not give you your money back but make you exchange the item for different crap from their shop. Others will fuck up and then still expect you to pay, even though they didn't deliver the service. Others still insist on locking you into a contract for a service and even if you don't use the service they keep on taking the money.
Every little fucking cent is screwed out of you. Nothing is every "on the house" or "hey, I'm not using it you have it". No no no, it's what they can get for out of you.
Take my landlady for example. I'm moving to a new flat cos she wants to sell the one I'm in. She has an old sofa-settee-couch which she was going to throw out on the dump but dragged it into my apartment when I needed one. Now she wants to SELL it to me. It will cost her HK$600 to remove it. She wants 800 for it, thank you very much.
Apart from being mean and moneygrubbing everyone here so so fucking miserable in their homes so small they can't even sit down to a meal without having to rearrange the furniture, working their 6.5 day weeks, hanging around the office looking busy, waiting for the boss to go home. It's such a farce.
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