Tuesday, March 11, 2008


Spitzer - american boo hoo

Why dose yanks so dam baby man? A politishun gets caught wid his dick outta his pocket an ders one big fuckarow about it. Men are men. Dats what dey do. All tru history - an dats why its called HIStory, men have had mistresses, prostitutes, cortiers, harems. Why does the yank peeps think this will be any different? they tink dat once der men gets to politics der dicks drop off? any man dats got into politics is going ta have balls man. he's gonna be full of tistosterone. Just look at Hillary Clinton whaaa ha ha ha a ha ha ha hah ah.
I know a certain Russki Gangsta who has his very own private "Bitch Pack" and no one sees Inky complaining bout that. Maybe she has her own "Fuk-man Ho pack" who knows what goes on behind dose doors.
Oh...dat would be me.

Poor bastard. If he hadn't been so hurried to prosecute prostitution he might be able to stand now. But he can't just say "it's a private matter". If I murder my sister is it a "private matter"?
People trusted him. It's disgusting.
Fuk Man-ho? kek kek
He's politician, anyone who trusted him was a fool. June, I've got a bridge you might want to purchase.
June, men are not what you think. 90 per cent will sleep around if they can. That is just a fact. That is how we are made. If I had more time I would do it.
Oh Tsarval, I don't believe you would sleep around for one moment. You're too decent a man to do anything like that. Look me in th eye and tell me you stepped out on Babs.
Whatever happened to moral decency? Do we have no standards left whatsoever? Just because "everyone" does it does not make it right. If we give way on the small things, soon we will give way on the important things.
Okay June, I cannot claim to have stepped out on Babs but we were not married too long. Who is to know what would happen in a few years.
Hey Noiks, did you see Madcow's peace on this one? Remember we were saying last time that he cannot get it up anymore, know he admits he only has sex in the dark. Sad fellow. And blames the bankers.
I know that feelin, one loan too many, all that pressure...
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