Sunday, March 09, 2008


The Teddy Bear

Putin takes Medvedev to a restaurant and orders a steak. “What about the vegetable?” the waiter asks. Putin looks at Medvedev and says, “The vegetable will have steak, too.

Putin is asked if he will have Medvedev’s portrait in his office.
An angry Putin replies: “I’ll put his hide on the floor instead.”

Putin and Medvedev wake up in the Kremlin in 2023 with a vicious hangover.
Putin says: “Which of us is president and which of us is prime minister today?”
“I don’t remember,” Medvedev replies. “I could be prime minister today.”
“Then go fetch some vodka,” Putin says.

Medvedev asks Putin: 'So what about my new economic plan?'
Putin says: 'What economic plan?'
Medvedev looks confused. 'Well if you don't know about it, how would I?
Ho ho ho, those are very sweet.
this is to let a world know that General Kentai beat the loser pussy Russian Tsar Val in a mere 5.
ouch.. er.. Kentai... at what?
War games
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