Friday, March 21, 2008


Whiteman microwaves baby, wife blames devil

An American "father" is in troubles because he put his little baby in to the microwaves and turned it on for 10 seconds. The white father took his little daughter, slammed her on to the bed, locked her in a safes and then finally microwaved.

His wife blames his horrific actions on "the devil" and like all whitemen who get caughts doing thise terrible terrible things, he says he was insane.

The little baby was severly burned on her skin and will have half her ear amputated. She will also have to have many more operations to fix her skins. Doctors don't know if she could have developmental problem later because they don't know what damages can be inside.

Prosecutors said Mauldin and his wife, Eva, gave several excuses for how Ana was burned, including a sunburn and spilled hot liquid. So this little white girl's mommy and daddy knew what he had done and then lied about it.

What kind of woman would do that to her own child?

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So only white folk do this? The black guy would microwave the baby then sell it for crack and call it a Toasted Baby.
Hey sophisticated white gentlemen, how does it feel to have YOUR race pointed out as being a part of this crime?
This is just awful. I wonder why he would such a thing. Poor little mite.
Some animals don't deserve to live. If he was in Russia he would be so far into prison he wouldn't see daylight.
Machette, the big difference is that we see this as wrong, and expect the bastard to be punished, not made president of our countries.
JUNE BUG Are you for real???
Coz you sure bug me!!!
Hau! I got my answer. You don't like it either.

@ machette... you guys are always better at this things...
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